I’m BACK!!


I am pretty sure the last time I posted was back in January, somewhere at the beginning of this year…almost 8 months ago! :0 ‘Twas bittersweet though. As much as I used to loveee blogging I think it was really nice to take a break to focus on school and life in general 🙂

But anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say HELLO 🙂 I will fill ya in with my life and what is going on briefly! This fall I am going into my senior year of college as a Nursing Student!! Where has the time gone?! I have no idea! This summer I was lucky enough to get a paid internship at a nearby hospital on an Oncology Floor where I have been working full time Monday thru Friday and I love it. Gotta make that money money money!

Otherwise, I am doing just ok right now! My next post I will post some eats and fill ya in some more 😉

Jenna xoxo

5 thoughts on “I’m BACK!!

  1. Omg so excited to see you back! I’m *trying* to get back into blogging as well 🙂 Wait, I didn’t know you were a nursing student! Were you always? I’m thinking of going back to school for nursing. Ahhh, I’m definitely not a science-y/math type person though!

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