I’m BACK!!


I am pretty sure the last time I posted was back in January, somewhere at the beginning of this year…almost 8 months ago! :0 ‘Twas bittersweet though. As much as I used to loveee blogging I think it was really nice to take a break to focus on school and life in general 🙂

But anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say HELLO 🙂 I will fill ya in with my life and what is going on briefly! This fall I am going into my senior year of college as a Nursing Student!! Where has the time gone?! I have no idea! This summer I was lucky enough to get a paid internship at a nearby hospital on an Oncology Floor where I have been working full time Monday thru Friday and I love it. Gotta make that money money money!

Otherwise, I am doing just ok right now! My next post I will post some eats and fill ya in some more 😉

Jenna xoxo

That was so last semester

HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow blog readers! It has been so long since the last time I posted. But I am back at school for spring semester and finally have some free time to fill you all in!20120120-220817.jpg

Thanksgiving plate number uno, followed by 2 more plates! I ate so much but it was ALL worth it =)


Panera Bread breakfast!


Yummy Sunday Morning breaky! 20120120-220507.jpg

3 favorite breakfast foods in the winter: oatmeal, banana, and pb! Can’t go wrong.


And whenever I go to Dunkins with the boy…we have to get a donut!


My new favorite Subway sandwich is the Oven Roasted Chicken. It’s bomb!


Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with hot sauce for dipping! Don’t judge.


Sushi! My goal this year is to try and order NEW sushi rolls 😉 I feel like I never know what to order and always end up just getting the usual! I just don’t know what they are going to come out looking like and if I will like them! Hehe.


Classic Childhood meal that I missed so much. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Perfect on a cold winter day 🙂20120120-220542.jpg

Of course lunch ended with dessert…chocolate chip cookie heated up in the micro!


One of the many reasons I love my dining hall is because of the WING BAR!20120120-220626.jpg

…and of course our amazeballs SALAD BAR!


Sweet Potato Waffle Fries! Yes please!


Fro-yo of course!


YOWAY Self Serve Frozen Yogurt! My ultimate obsession ❤ Even on the coldest days of winter 😉


Chipotle Burrito Bowl.


Now this right here is called HUSHWEE! It is a Lebanese dish my boyfriend’s family makes and it is very good. I tried it for the first time this winter break considering the fact it is my boyfriend’s absolute FAVORITE meal and he quotes…”I could eat this all day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” Haha. It is basically just rice cooked in chicken brooth mixed with cooked lamb and pine nuts! May sound a little weird but trust me it is good!


Dark Chocolate Orange Slices are so good! Fruit and chocolate 🙂

Now the rest of these pictures are from when I went to NEW ORLEANS over break!


Famous Beignets!


Alligator Bites! Call me crazy…it’s okay! I had three 😉 YOLO!20120120-220957.jpg

Shrimp Chopped Salad. When I ordered it I thought it was going to be a regular salad with just lettuce leaves…I didn’t know what the word “chopped” meant! Ha. But alas, it was very good and I enjoyed it and now know what a chopped salad is 😉


Yummy Grilled Tuna Salad!


All I am going to say is…you must go buy these and try them 🙂 Then let me know what you think!


Just a lil late night snack with the boyfriend one night, who has completely got me hooked onto Ben & Jerry’s :O Guilty Pleasure!


Pretty much addicted to oatmeal this winter!20120120-220449.jpg20120120-220419.jpg

Been sipping on sparkling water lately! It’s a nice lil change from plane old boring water.


Tried QUINOA for the first time yesterday from my dining hall! It was different but I liked it with the little cranberries mixed into it. I have seen it all over the blog world but have yet to try it so when my dining hall had it I jumped right on it. Although I am not really sure how or what exactly you are supposed to eat it with though. Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated 🙂


Now, I thought the chocolate covered orange slices were out of this world.But that was until I tried thses bad boys from my friends’ dormroom. Holy moly! Soo good 🙂 I tell ya anything with fruit and chocolate is for me.


And then these should just be called crack M & M’s! Eat a handful pretty much everyday.

Well I hope you enjoyed my post after being away so long 🙂

Are you ready? Because I AM!

HEYYY everyone!!! Guess what, guess what, guess what?! I’M BACKKK 🙂 I apologize for not posting in a quite some time, but I have kind of been busy with a lil thing called LIFE! Just simply enjoying and loving it!!! And as a result blogging has taken a major backseat, although I did not completely forget about it…as you will see with this long ass post filled and filled with foodie pics!

These first couple pics go all the way back to the end of summer!Grilled Asian Chicken Salad from McDonalds. Who says you can’t have fast food?Craving a lil chocolate after meals…obvi!Out for sushi with one of my high school besties before heading back to school with some ginger salad and 2 rolls. California & some other roll topped with spicy mayo sauce. I honestly don’t remeber because it was so long ago :/Buffalo chicken tenders, broccoli, and sweet potato fries! One last home cooked meal before school starting!

The rest of these pics are all from the start of school up until NOW:) Prepare yourself!Maple Sugar Oatmeal with banana & pb. Perfect on a cold morning 🙂Craving some chocolate one morning :O No shame at all! Cocoa Puffs and a banana with some Nutella. I love Nutella and all, but my heart still goes out to peanut butter!Some more breakys…Now, you have to understand my college is ranked 16th in the WORLD for having THE BEST dining hall!Chicken Kabobs & rice pilaf.Chicken Finger Ceasar Salad…and yes that is hot sauce on the side. *You will begin to notice my addiction/love for HOT SAUCE!*Vegetable & Cheese melt with spicy spinach saute…with hot sauce naturally!Bomb Ass Salad. Grilled Mahi Mahi, potatoes, and brocollini.Pasta Station! Fusilli pasta mixed with tons of veggies topped with marinara sauce.Another big ‘ole salad.WING BAR! Buffalo wings with ranch for dipping. Yes, please.Again…It’s not my fault my college dining hall has an amazing salad bar!The WEIRDEST & STRANGEST  “veggie” pizza I have ever experienced, to say the least. I did not specify what I wanted on it (althought next time I will) and just ordered the veggie pizza, which turned out having carrots, yellow and green squash, and spinach leaves. It was not your typical veggie pizza, at least for me it wasn’t, but of course knowing me I did not put any to waste!TUTTI FRUTTI! A self serve frozen yogurt place where my roomie and I go pretty much on a weekly basis! SO GOOD 😀Raspberry sorbet with chocolate sprinkles.Pretzel M & M’s.Vanilla Froyo with rainbow sprinkles.Chocolate Froyo with Reese’s pb cups! A girl can never go wrong with chocolate & peanut butter together 🙂 No way!And when I am lazy to walk to get froyo…a froyo bar will do! Some more TUTTI FRUTTI! I told you I wasn’t lying. So now you can tell, I really have an addiction to frozen yogurt 😉A NEW addition to my dorm room, thanks to my roomie’s sister who isn’t allowed to have it at her college…so we inherited it and I ain’t complaining!MOO BELLA! Mix and make your own ice cream at my dining hall! Candy Station that is fully stocked with all sorts of candy daily 🙂 I eat pretty well at my school and I am truly blessed!

What a post that was! If you made it through the whole post, pat yourself on your back 😉 I am off to relax for the rest of this Sunday night!

Just another lil vaca…

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all gad a great weekend 🙂 I just got back from yet another vacation…although it really wasn’t a REAL relaxing vacation since I was nannying my 2 lil cousins…who are a handful! I was very busy watching them all of the time but I had a great time with them as well as my aunt and uncle.

But here are some eats I ate before leaving!Momma’s homemade cheeseburgers on ONION rolls which were awesome with some yummy sweet potato waffle fries! Perfect summer meal 🙂Outback Steakhouse! Grilled Mahi Mahi topped with artichokes, sundried tomatoes, green onions and a lemon sauce served on top of rice with some green beans.INDIAN FOOD! say what?! I have always wanted to try it since I like hot and spicy food…and at last I did. I had chicken in a tomato cream sauce, white rice, collard greens, and fluffy naan bread! Very good meal overall and glad I got to try it 🙂

And on the way down we had to make a quick lil pit stop for some grub!JIM’S PHILLY CHEESESTEAK!I had mine with steak, american cheese, onions, and peppers and washed it down with a cold diet coke! And you better believe it when I said I ATE THAT WHOLE THING! SO GOOD!

After 9 hours squished in between the middle of two car seats we finally made it to our destination…REHOBOTH BEACH, DELAWARE!Much needed ice cream run after being in the car for so long…Mint Soft Serve!Yogurt topped with cereal, banana, and sliced almonds.Starbucks coffee is much needed when watching two lil toddlers every day! Big ole salad topped with chicken, cheese, salsa, eggs, carrots, broccoli, mustard, and salsa with chips on the side.Pasta night! Ziti and sauce topped with zuchini and squash with breaded chicken.Grilled Chicken Salad.Homemade burgers with baked beans!and tried FRIED OKRA for the first time!Steak Salad! And NO this is not the same picture as above. Although it is the same salad except just not with chicken, I liked it that much. Hehe!GIANT FREEZE POP! don’t mind if i do. Hey, I’m still a kid 😛OMG MY NEW FAVORITE!!! Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Edamame! Just go to TJ’s and try it yourself 🙂Edy’s Black Cherry FroYo with Vanilla Swirl. Love this!And this would be a picture of our fridge for the week! As you can see it was always fully stocked with every kind of food!And do you have any idea what this would be?! Well I didn’t either until I went into the store to ask. There is this place where they take frozen bananas and make it into soft serve! Ain’t that cool?! It was very good but I could obviously taste the bananas, but nothing beats the REAL soft serve ice cream 😛 And on the way home from my trip, my parents and I went out to dinner at Wright’s Chicken Farm which is a family style dinner restaurant. They start you off with rolls with butter and salad, and then when you are not even halfway through eating that, they come out with white over roasted chicken along with pasta & sauce, and potato fries (which were SO good!). If you come here you better make sure you bring your appetite and are ready to EAT! Well quite frankly, everything was delicious and you better believe I had BIG bites of everything you see here!

It was a great lil vaca, but I am pretty sure I am done for the summer with vacations! The next vacation I will be taking will be back up to COLLEGE this sunday, although that really won’t be a vacation with all the work I will have to do :/ But I sure now the rest of college is fun 😉

Well I am off on a date 😀 

Cape Cod livin’

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂 Last week my family and I headed down to the Cape for a few nights as we always do each summer. It was a great time at the beach with family, friends, drinks, and food 😉 That’s what the summer and going to the beach is all about!

Now of course you can’t go to CAPE COD and not have seafood…that is just not possible 😉 So get ready for some delish pics.Baked Scrod, baked potato, & coleslaw.Grilled Shrimp on top of rice with more coleslaw.Best Veggie Pizza ever! Topped with broccoli, olives, breaded eggplant, green peppers, & onions.Oatmeal topped with brown sugar & maple syrup, turkey bacon, & a side of fruit.On the drive home sitting in all the traffic, this girl needed a snack. Chocolate and diet coke always seems to do the trick!

Now, I had SO MUCH FUN while on vacation and definitely was living my life and it felt so good! I went out every single night with one of my best friends from home who works down there and met soo many more people…girls and boys 😉

I ate whatever I wanted too and didn’t regret anything. I had fried food like french fries and the BEST onion rings, had yummy alcoholic drinks, and ate candy without a problem in the world. Life without an ED is simply amazing! Everyone should try it 😉Now when it comes to pizza I usually never get cheese because I just think it is boring and need something more to it. That’s why I always get veggie pizzza…loaded with veggies. But the other night when I was babysitting I was like F*** it…I am sick of veggie (since I just had it the other night too) so I had some of my uncles hamburger, onion, and olive pizza! Sooo good and relieving to try new foods.Panera Poppyseed & Chicken Salad…obvi 😉 Chicken Margherita.Famslam cookout! Teriyaki chicken with pasta salad (x2) and grilled veggies.Ziti with veggies and meatballs.A lil bit of mint chocolate chip topped with black raspberry ice cream! You know I can’t go a week without my DQ consumption! Tonight perhaps?!

Well I am starving and going to have me a homemade cheeseburger with sweet potatoe fries! All time favorite summer dinner meal 🙂

Hard work pays off

Happy Saturday! Hope you all are enjoying summer because I know I have been 🙂 This past week I worked at a girls lacrosse camp as a camp counselor and had so much fun! Ever since I was a little girl attending camps I always looked up to the counselors and one day wished I could be one of them…and it finally came true 🙂

I think back to last summer when I was still recovering and could never imagined doing what I did this past week last summer. I needed a lot of energy because the little campers kept me busy busy busy! I had a great time and I can’t wait to do it again next summer! I am back home and heading to the beach for a few days next week!

Dunkins Egg & Cheese on English Muffin on the go with a coffee of course!One of the many summer BBQs! Teryaki chicken, pasta salad, grilled zucchini, corn on the cob. As well as grilled ceasar salad my aunt made, so different and good!Big ole salad along with pasta salad and a clump off tuna with Italian dressing.Veggie Rustic Pizza!

Now to me, summer is NOT complete without ice cream or desserts 😉Peanut Butter Cup frozen yogurt!Hands down…the BEST cookies ever even though they are store bought!

And summer is defs not complete without Dairy Queen! Not to mention that I had it two nights in a row! No shame, no shame at all! Chocolate soft serve with chocolate sprinkles!

Vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles!

Now it is time to relax by the pool for the afternoon 🙂

What a difference ONE YEAR makes!

Hey bloggie readers! It feels SO GOOD to finally be back blogging again since it has been quite awhile! But alas, I am back in action. I have been enjoying and living life each and everyday this summer! Two weeks ago I went to ARUBA with the famslam and then last week I went to TURKS & CAICOS with my best friend/roomie from college and her famslam! Both trips were simply amazing and I truly am blessed to have the life I have as well as my family and friends! I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Sooo I have some foodie pics if you are at all interested in looking at. Now as I was writing this post it made me think of where I was in my life last year around this time during the summer and looked back and saw HOW FAR I have truly came. I honestly and personally can say that I have mad huge strides and progress to where I am today and I could not be more happier with myself and where I am today! 🙂

Here are some eats from my vacation to Aruba!This girl would not get through a 4 1/2 hour flight without snackage, of course! Tried these lil boogers for the first time since I have never heard of them before…POPCORN CHIPS! They will be your new favorite snack, so I advice you go out and buy them just like I did when I got back 😉CUBAN SANDWICH & FRIES! Don’t mind if I do eat you all up! Now what do we have here you may ask?! Just some delicious seafood!! Well we have some grouper on the left. Then on the plate to the right we have some fries, conch friters, buffalo chicken wings, almond covered fish sticks, & fried calamari. ‘Twas sooo good and you better believe I had my FAIR share of everything! Buffalo Chicken Salad! Very good as well 🙂 If you haven’t noticed I do love me some Buffalo & hot chicken lately…it spices up my life! Shrimp on top of rice with black beans (which would be the black stuff in that cup)!The Buffalo Pizza that dissapointed me although I ate half of it! I was soo excited to order this pizza expecting it to be hot & spicy…and it was so NOT…Boo! Pistachio Gelato! I was indeed a gelato virgin before this but that certainly changed since I had gelato 3 of the nights I was on vaca!

Both of my trips to Aruba and Turks & Caicos were great and had so much fun but I am also happy to be home 🙂Ya can’t forget about OIAJ now, can ya?! I don’t think so. Despite the HOT temps we have been having here I still managed to eat a hot breaky 😉 Oh well…I eat what I want when I want 😉Another thing I haven’t had in a long lost time…PANERA BREAD! But to fix that lil problem…I had it tonight. Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad with bread and a diet coke outside on a beautiful summer night 🙂 Can’t get much better than that?! Dairy Queen! Vanilla dipped in butterscotch! My ultimate fav 🙂

And another favorite of mine?! ICE CREAM CAKE for my cousins birthday the other night! Totally wins over regaular cake…especially in the summer!

Well folks it’s that time of night when I am getting tired so I am off to bed now!

Hello June!

Happy June friends! Can ya believe it’s already JUNE?! Only 3 more months of summer left until school starts 😉 Ha. Although I know it will go by super fast so I have to enjoy each and everyday in the sun and warm weather. But these past few days have been kinda cold and in fact we even had a TORNADO pass through us which is sooo unusual. It was kinda scary :/ I just want to be outside tanning all summer long 🙂OIAJ! Nothing beats an almost empty pb jar for your oats! It would be a sin to waste any lick of peanut butter 😉My go to lunches. Turkey sandwich, chips, & a soda. Have ya ever seen me drink any kind of soda during ED/recovery?! I think not. But now it’s just whatever! If I want a soda…I have a soda.SUBWAY! My long lost obsession that I finally reconnected with 😉 I also tried the Orchard Chicken Salad sandwich last week but my camera ate it because it was that good! Memorial Day Cookout (aka first of the summer!) but oh so many more to come! Chicken Wings x2, potato salad, taco salad, and macaroni salad. I LOVE SUMMER AND COOKOUTS…end of story!And to satisfy my MAJOR sweet tooth after dinner (that I now have inquired due to my roomie this past year…thank you very much!) I had  soft & chewy chocolate chunk cookie 🙂 Along with a few caramel hershey kisses just because I CAN and I deserve them. That’s all 😉And now that there is a Dairy Queen the next town over, my family and I are there on a weekly basis 😉 Whoops! Oh well I have no shame at all and I have been kind of obsessed with soft serve lately!Butterscotch Dipped Vanilla. So good! Way better than chocolate but I still have yet to try cherry dipped.Asian Glazed Chicken Salad from Friendly’s. Yes, I did in fact say FRIENDLY’s! I am pretty sure I haven’t been there since the earlier years of high school and I don’t really miss it at all. But tonight I brought my lil cousins there for dinner & ice cream since it is their favorite place to go out to eat, but there parents don’t like it there since they don’t serve alcohol! Hah. Gotta love my aunt and uncle. So being the cool cousin/babysitter I am I brought them 🙂 We also got ice cream to go so we would make it home in time for the Bruins Game! I got Strawberry and it was good with lil pieces of berries mixed in. A different flavor for me to try! That’s what life is all about, trying new things 🙂

Well I am off to watch the rest of the game and they are losing 1-0 😦 Come on B’s!

Eating pretty well if I do say so myself :)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend lovies! Hope you are enjoying this nice weather! Got any plans for the holiday?! Fill me in 🙂 Tomorrow I am going to a family cookout in the afternoon and I can’t wait….first cookout of the summer 🙂 Hollah!OIAJ!Yogurt, banana w/ pb and homemade corn muffins…ate a half while preparing my breaky! Whoops! Do any of you do that? Bowl of LIFE cereal and a banana w/ Skippy pb. Also had several handfuls of Frosted Flakes & Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Oh how I have missed my childhood cereals and it was soo nice to have them since I haven’t ate them in sooo long (mostly because of my stupid ED)…but not any more! I was still hungry…so I ate more. Simple as that 😉 I hated the fact that while I was in my ED I wouldn’t eat anything that I claimed “not  healthy”…but NOT anymore!!TJ’s Organic Crunch peanut butter. I like the crunchy-ness to it but there isn’t really flavor to it?! It tastes just like regular ole pb..since it is. But I guess I just like some flavor added to mine!Smart Balance Creamy peanut butter…love the creamy-ness of this one!Salad for lunch! Iceburg lettuce topped with tuna salad, salsa, & dressing with TJ’s corn chips.OMG! Where has bleu cheese been all my life, seriously! I went out to the same place for lunch with the mom & grammy a few weeks back when I got the Buffalo Chicken salad with blue cheese dressing. This time I got the special of the day…Cajun Haddock Salad! Spinach topped with bleu cheese crumbs, bacon bites, & haddock with an Apple Cide Dressing. Great salad. I loved the combination of flavors and especially the bleu cheese 😉 It wasn’t very filling and I was still hungry so I pretty much polished off the bowl of popcorn at our table! TJ’s meal…barbeque chicken, white rice, asparagus. Can ya tell we just went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s?! Hah. It seems to be a theme here in this post.TJ’s Mac & Cheese Balls. So good! Have ya ever had them or even heard of them?!And sometimes when it is 8 o’clock at night and I haven’t ate dinner yet and don’t really feel like cooking since I am starving from lacrosse reffing…a frozen meal will just have to do. But since they pretty much fill my back tooth, hah, I have handfuls of Cheeze-Its after 😉Chicken, Mushroom, & Garlic Pizza. REAL Italian pizza. Had 2 1/2 slices. So good!And more pizza, but this is HOMEMADE GRILLED PIZZA made by my roomies mommy! I went to visit her Friday night and surprised her!! It was soo nice to visit her and her family 🙂 I love them because they are just like my crazy famslam! We watched her sister go off to prom, ate pizza, got ice cream where she works, and then babysat and watched the JUSTIN BIEBER MOVIE 😉 Loves it.Peanut Butter Cup Frozen yogurt from her creamery! Very good 🙂 I told myself every time I go out for ice cream this summer (which WILL be a LOT!) I am going to order something different and try new flavors since there are endless options!Yesterday morning I drove back home because I had to babysit at noon. Grabbed a French Kiss Iced Coffee…white chocolate, caramel & buttersctoch. Delish and love the name!Last night while I was babyitting I went out to eat with the kiddies, mom, & grammy…I was watching my cousins 😉 At Ruby Tuesday’s I got the Turkey Burger stacked high with red onions, lettucs, pickles, and Ruby’s mayo along with a double order of SWEET POTATO FRIES! Licked the whole plate clean. No shame, no shame at all! Of course I still had room for dessert 😉 After dinner I took the kids out for ice cream! I am the greatest babysitter 😉 Minty patty frozen yogurt for me 🙂 I love summer and ice cream!

Well I am off to gthe grcoery store yet again with mom 🙂 Have a great rest of your Memorial Day weekend!