That was so last semester

HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow blog readers! It has been so long since the last time I posted. But I am back at school for spring semester and finally have some free time to fill you all in!20120120-220817.jpg

Thanksgiving plate number uno, followed by 2 more plates! I ate so much but it was ALL worth it =)


Panera Bread breakfast!


Yummy Sunday Morning breaky! 20120120-220507.jpg

3 favorite breakfast foods in the winter: oatmeal, banana, and pb! Can’t go wrong.


And whenever I go to Dunkins with the boy…we have to get a donut!


My new favorite Subway sandwich is the Oven Roasted Chicken. It’s bomb!


Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad with hot sauce for dipping! Don’t judge.


Sushi! My goal this year is to try and order NEW sushi rolls 😉 I feel like I never know what to order and always end up just getting the usual! I just don’t know what they are going to come out looking like and if I will like them! Hehe.


Classic Childhood meal that I missed so much. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup. Perfect on a cold winter day 🙂20120120-220542.jpg

Of course lunch ended with dessert…chocolate chip cookie heated up in the micro!


One of the many reasons I love my dining hall is because of the WING BAR!20120120-220626.jpg

…and of course our amazeballs SALAD BAR!


Sweet Potato Waffle Fries! Yes please!


Fro-yo of course!


YOWAY Self Serve Frozen Yogurt! My ultimate obsession ❤ Even on the coldest days of winter 😉


Chipotle Burrito Bowl.


Now this right here is called HUSHWEE! It is a Lebanese dish my boyfriend’s family makes and it is very good. I tried it for the first time this winter break considering the fact it is my boyfriend’s absolute FAVORITE meal and he quotes…”I could eat this all day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” Haha. It is basically just rice cooked in chicken brooth mixed with cooked lamb and pine nuts! May sound a little weird but trust me it is good!


Dark Chocolate Orange Slices are so good! Fruit and chocolate 🙂

Now the rest of these pictures are from when I went to NEW ORLEANS over break!


Famous Beignets!


Alligator Bites! Call me crazy…it’s okay! I had three 😉 YOLO!20120120-220957.jpg

Shrimp Chopped Salad. When I ordered it I thought it was going to be a regular salad with just lettuce leaves…I didn’t know what the word “chopped” meant! Ha. But alas, it was very good and I enjoyed it and now know what a chopped salad is 😉


Yummy Grilled Tuna Salad!


All I am going to say is…you must go buy these and try them 🙂 Then let me know what you think!


Just a lil late night snack with the boyfriend one night, who has completely got me hooked onto Ben & Jerry’s :O Guilty Pleasure!


Pretty much addicted to oatmeal this winter!20120120-220449.jpg20120120-220419.jpg

Been sipping on sparkling water lately! It’s a nice lil change from plane old boring water.


Tried QUINOA for the first time yesterday from my dining hall! It was different but I liked it with the little cranberries mixed into it. I have seen it all over the blog world but have yet to try it so when my dining hall had it I jumped right on it. Although I am not really sure how or what exactly you are supposed to eat it with though. Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated 🙂


Now, I thought the chocolate covered orange slices were out of this world.But that was until I tried thses bad boys from my friends’ dormroom. Holy moly! Soo good 🙂 I tell ya anything with fruit and chocolate is for me.


And then these should just be called crack M & M’s! Eat a handful pretty much everyday.

Well I hope you enjoyed my post after being away so long 🙂

8 thoughts on “That was so last semester

  1. I was wondering why I was feeling hungry when I just ate breakfast, then I remembered I was looking at food! Everything looks so good. I hope all is well with you!

  2. Did you have to cut down your meal plan and start eating less after you gained back the weight you needed to? Or did you just keep eating the same amount you needed to gain weight?

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