First Ever Wordless Wednesday!


Hello June!

Happy June friends! Can ya believe it’s already JUNE?! Only 3 more months of summer left until school starts 😉 Ha. Although I know it will go by super fast so I have to enjoy each and everyday in the sun and warm weather. But these past few days have been kinda cold and in fact we even had a TORNADO pass through us which is sooo unusual. It was kinda scary :/ I just want to be outside tanning all summer long 🙂OIAJ! Nothing beats an almost empty pb jar for your oats! It would be a sin to waste any lick of peanut butter 😉My go to lunches. Turkey sandwich, chips, & a soda. Have ya ever seen me drink any kind of soda during ED/recovery?! I think not. But now it’s just whatever! If I want a soda…I have a soda.SUBWAY! My long lost obsession that I finally reconnected with 😉 I also tried the Orchard Chicken Salad sandwich last week but my camera ate it because it was that good! Memorial Day Cookout (aka first of the summer!) but oh so many more to come! Chicken Wings x2, potato salad, taco salad, and macaroni salad. I LOVE SUMMER AND COOKOUTS…end of story!And to satisfy my MAJOR sweet tooth after dinner (that I now have inquired due to my roomie this past year…thank you very much!) I had  soft & chewy chocolate chunk cookie 🙂 Along with a few caramel hershey kisses just because I CAN and I deserve them. That’s all 😉And now that there is a Dairy Queen the next town over, my family and I are there on a weekly basis 😉 Whoops! Oh well I have no shame at all and I have been kind of obsessed with soft serve lately!Butterscotch Dipped Vanilla. So good! Way better than chocolate but I still have yet to try cherry dipped.Asian Glazed Chicken Salad from Friendly’s. Yes, I did in fact say FRIENDLY’s! I am pretty sure I haven’t been there since the earlier years of high school and I don’t really miss it at all. But tonight I brought my lil cousins there for dinner & ice cream since it is their favorite place to go out to eat, but there parents don’t like it there since they don’t serve alcohol! Hah. Gotta love my aunt and uncle. So being the cool cousin/babysitter I am I brought them 🙂 We also got ice cream to go so we would make it home in time for the Bruins Game! I got Strawberry and it was good with lil pieces of berries mixed in. A different flavor for me to try! That’s what life is all about, trying new things 🙂

Well I am off to watch the rest of the game and they are losing 1-0 😦 Come on B’s!

Eating pretty well if I do say so myself :)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend lovies! Hope you are enjoying this nice weather! Got any plans for the holiday?! Fill me in 🙂 Tomorrow I am going to a family cookout in the afternoon and I can’t wait….first cookout of the summer 🙂 Hollah!OIAJ!Yogurt, banana w/ pb and homemade corn muffins…ate a half while preparing my breaky! Whoops! Do any of you do that? Bowl of LIFE cereal and a banana w/ Skippy pb. Also had several handfuls of Frosted Flakes & Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Oh how I have missed my childhood cereals and it was soo nice to have them since I haven’t ate them in sooo long (mostly because of my stupid ED)…but not any more! I was still hungry…so I ate more. Simple as that 😉 I hated the fact that while I was in my ED I wouldn’t eat anything that I claimed “not  healthy”…but NOT anymore!!TJ’s Organic Crunch peanut butter. I like the crunchy-ness to it but there isn’t really flavor to it?! It tastes just like regular ole pb..since it is. But I guess I just like some flavor added to mine!Smart Balance Creamy peanut butter…love the creamy-ness of this one!Salad for lunch! Iceburg lettuce topped with tuna salad, salsa, & dressing with TJ’s corn chips.OMG! Where has bleu cheese been all my life, seriously! I went out to the same place for lunch with the mom & grammy a few weeks back when I got the Buffalo Chicken salad with blue cheese dressing. This time I got the special of the day…Cajun Haddock Salad! Spinach topped with bleu cheese crumbs, bacon bites, & haddock with an Apple Cide Dressing. Great salad. I loved the combination of flavors and especially the bleu cheese 😉 It wasn’t very filling and I was still hungry so I pretty much polished off the bowl of popcorn at our table! TJ’s meal…barbeque chicken, white rice, asparagus. Can ya tell we just went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s?! Hah. It seems to be a theme here in this post.TJ’s Mac & Cheese Balls. So good! Have ya ever had them or even heard of them?!And sometimes when it is 8 o’clock at night and I haven’t ate dinner yet and don’t really feel like cooking since I am starving from lacrosse reffing…a frozen meal will just have to do. But since they pretty much fill my back tooth, hah, I have handfuls of Cheeze-Its after 😉Chicken, Mushroom, & Garlic Pizza. REAL Italian pizza. Had 2 1/2 slices. So good!And more pizza, but this is HOMEMADE GRILLED PIZZA made by my roomies mommy! I went to visit her Friday night and surprised her!! It was soo nice to visit her and her family 🙂 I love them because they are just like my crazy famslam! We watched her sister go off to prom, ate pizza, got ice cream where she works, and then babysat and watched the JUSTIN BIEBER MOVIE 😉 Loves it.Peanut Butter Cup Frozen yogurt from her creamery! Very good 🙂 I told myself every time I go out for ice cream this summer (which WILL be a LOT!) I am going to order something different and try new flavors since there are endless options!Yesterday morning I drove back home because I had to babysit at noon. Grabbed a French Kiss Iced Coffee…white chocolate, caramel & buttersctoch. Delish and love the name!Last night while I was babyitting I went out to eat with the kiddies, mom, & grammy…I was watching my cousins 😉 At Ruby Tuesday’s I got the Turkey Burger stacked high with red onions, lettucs, pickles, and Ruby’s mayo along with a double order of SWEET POTATO FRIES! Licked the whole plate clean. No shame, no shame at all! Of course I still had room for dessert 😉 After dinner I took the kids out for ice cream! I am the greatest babysitter 😉 Minty patty frozen yogurt for me 🙂 I love summer and ice cream!

Well I am off to gthe grcoery store yet again with mom 🙂 Have a great rest of your Memorial Day weekend!

I swear I am not an alcoholic…

Happy Monday bloggie readers! Hope you all had a great weekend! On the bright side there is only 4 more days until next weekend 😉A new to me FABULOUS BREAKFAST! Homemade pancakes topped with melted peanut butter, bananas, and milk. I then added a drizzle of maple syrup because seriously what are pancakes without syrup?! 😉 Pancakes have kind of been one of my fear foods and whenever my mom makes them I would always just say I would have them next week and blah blah blah blah blah. But yesterday morning I finally had pancakes for breakfast in a really long time and it felt great! Before my ED my mom would always could pancakes and/or waffles and we would all enjoy them 🙂 But ever since I had my ED I would always just kinda of stray away from them, not really fearing them, but just not really wanting them if that makes any sense?! Ha.

I always see other bloggers having pancakes and they come up with such creative toppings that seem endless and I can’t wait to keep having pancakes to try them all out 😉 I also gotta dig in the cabinets to find my waffle maker as well! OMG! These were made for me! Anything hot && spicy is for this girl! Mom’s Homemade Cheeseburgers topped with cheese (obvi), lettuce, pickles, & mayo with a side of broccoli with hot sauce, of course! …and nothing goes better than a nice cold drink with my burger!Went out for drinks & dinner to Chili’s with momma Saturday night! I got a Strawberry Margarita and she got the Mango.  

Caribbean Salad w/ shrimp! Sucha summer-y salad with pineapple, mandarin oranges, dried cherries, green onions, cilantro, sesame seeds all tossed in a honey-lime dressing!

Oh and I swear I don’t have a drinking problem 😉 Haha. It is still my birthday…MONTH?! It’s just so cool to go out to a restaurant and order drinks legally. Haha. I am sucha nerd!

Well bloggie readers I am off to watch the premiere of THE BACHELORETTE!! 🙂 …with some ice cream 😉

Start of Summer

Hey Hey! Can you believe I am posting again in like one week?! Hah. Well that is because I actually have some time now I am home for the summer!! Wahoo. So I still don’t know exactly what I am doing in regards to working this summer, but I have some options I am still currently working on. I will definitely have my working plans all set and finalized by the end of next week because I know you all want to know. Hah!

But now onto the foodie front. Just some typical breakfasts we have here.

Cinnamon Cheerios! Love.Homemade Corn Muffins! Made by my younger sister and I still ate them. Yikes! Jk. She is a great baker 😉And because sometimes breakfast just doesn’t fill me up, an oreo will do the trick…or perhaps three of them 😉 Who says you can’t have cookies at 9 in the morning?!Toasted Almond Iced with Skim Milk & Caramal Swirl please. If you haven’t tried this…please go and do so this afternoon. Currently my new addiction. And p.s. I was STOPPED at a stop light thank you very much! Don’t take pics and drive 😉 You can only drink and drive…ICED COFFEE that is 🙂Momma’s Homemade American Chop Suey!Some frozen meal stuffed in the back of the freezer when there is nothing else in the house to eat when your mother needs to go grocery shopping! Don’t worry we went yesterday and fully stocked up on the goods. And since this pretty much filled my back tooth, I also consumed copious amounts of Cheez-Its afterwards. Hey, I was still hungry! A girls gotta eatttttt 🙂Cantaloupe Martini shared with my aunt! Pretty delish!Chicken Rialto! I was craving carbs so I got them. Duh. That’s whatchya gotta do. Just listen to your body and what YOU want to eat. Looks good, right?! Well it was. Even thought it was a huge portion I still managed to eat about 3/4 of it. No shame, no shame at all!And despite the fact that I was stuffed after dinner, I still managed to have my first PURPLE COW ice cream of the season. Summer has officially began! I mean it was opening night so I just couldn’t resist and went all out.But when I don’t go out for ice cream I love me some lil individual ice creams just for muahhh!No biggie that I pretty much ate this Cookies ‘n Cream gallon of ice cream by myself in a matter of a week! Love me some ice cream 🙂

Well that is what I got for yas on this Saturday morning! The SUN is finally shining after one week of cold and rain and I am about to get my sweat on at the gym! Happy Saturday 🙂 Continue reading

My 21st Birthday!!!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend because I sure did! This past Friday was my 21st BIRTHDAY and I had a great weekend filled with my family, friends, drinks, and food. It was just what I wanted 🙂

Some breaky eats while I was at home for Easter break…And NO I did not have a whole jar of peanut butter as part of my breakfast, although that does sound quite tempting 😉 I had OIAJ with the rest of the pb and a banana along with a homemade lil corn muffin and milk.Avocado Quesadilla! This was a first time meal for me and it was ahh-mazing! Everyone in line said it is their favorite and so good, so I had to see for myself and they were right, it was very good.Ok I know your probably thinking WTF that looks disgusting but my iPhone camera does it no justice. This is my new favorite wrap from the grill station at my cafeteria and that would be a Chicken & Cheese wrap! Soo yummy and obvi dipped in hot sauce, my current obsession.Lunch at home. Nothin’ special, just a turkey & cheese panini.Had a lil craving for popcorn as a snack one afternoon.And of course can’t forget my nightly obsession snack of Vanilly froyo with mini M & M’s.BIRTHDAY CAKE #1 of the day after my lunch! Since it was my 21st birthday and it only comes around once year and this was a BIG birthday I deserved to have whatever I wanted! My cafeteria at school offers a wide variety of desserts and everyone raves about them but I would never know because I never had any 😦 But that all changed on Friday after lunch when I had cake. This was sooo good! I don’t even know what they called it but it was chocolate cake filled with vanilla frosting, peanut butter, and chocolate and had Reese’s pb cups on the outside. Heaven in my mouth! It was so good and I licked my plate clean 😉 Now why haven’t I had this before?! Oh yeah because I had a lil voice in my head..but not anymoreee 🙂

I went home for my birthday night and went out to eat at Osaka, a hibachi grill with my family, cousins, aunts & uncles and had a great time! I ordered a Mai-Thai and had a delicious meal along ice cream cake for my birthday! I came back up to school Saturday morning to get ready for more birthday festivites. I went out to Margarita’s for dinner and of coure MARGARITAS with my girlfriends! I was super excited to have my first ever Margarita. I ordered the Russelrita, a mix of strawberries & raspberries and it was SOO GOOD! I can’t wait to go back again. Oh yes that’s right…Cinco do Mayo is on Thursday!While waiting for our meals we sipped on our drinks and muched on some chips & salsa. For my meal I ordered the Shrimp Lettuce Wraps. The lettuce wraps were filled with pieces of shrimp, salsa, corn, and topped with avocado with a nice dressing on the side. Of course the night would not be complete without singing and birthday cake! The waiters all came out to sing Happy Birthday to me and brought along a sombrero for me to wear and this delicious Grande Chocolate Finale, chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache in a strawberry sauce with whipped cream 🙂

My 21st Birthday Weekend was perfect and I am so grateful for my family & friends who made it all that special! Well now the fun times are over since it is now Monday and finals start later this week 😦 But only 9 more days until summer!!!