Are you ready? Because I AM!

HEYYY everyone!!! Guess what, guess what, guess what?! I’M BACKKK 🙂 I apologize for not posting in a quite some time, but I have kind of been busy with a lil thing called LIFE! Just simply enjoying and loving it!!! And as a result blogging has taken a major backseat, although I did not completely forget about it…as you will see with this long ass post filled and filled with foodie pics!

These first couple pics go all the way back to the end of summer!Grilled Asian Chicken Salad from McDonalds. Who says you can’t have fast food?Craving a lil chocolate after meals…obvi!Out for sushi with one of my high school besties before heading back to school with some ginger salad and 2 rolls. California & some other roll topped with spicy mayo sauce. I honestly don’t remeber because it was so long ago :/Buffalo chicken tenders, broccoli, and sweet potato fries! One last home cooked meal before school starting!

The rest of these pics are all from the start of school up until NOW:) Prepare yourself!Maple Sugar Oatmeal with banana & pb. Perfect on a cold morning 🙂Craving some chocolate one morning :O No shame at all! Cocoa Puffs and a banana with some Nutella. I love Nutella and all, but my heart still goes out to peanut butter!Some more breakys…Now, you have to understand my college is ranked 16th in the WORLD for having THE BEST dining hall!Chicken Kabobs & rice pilaf.Chicken Finger Ceasar Salad…and yes that is hot sauce on the side. *You will begin to notice my addiction/love for HOT SAUCE!*Vegetable & Cheese melt with spicy spinach saute…with hot sauce naturally!Bomb Ass Salad. Grilled Mahi Mahi, potatoes, and brocollini.Pasta Station! Fusilli pasta mixed with tons of veggies topped with marinara sauce.Another big ‘ole salad.WING BAR! Buffalo wings with ranch for dipping. Yes, please.Again…It’s not my fault my college dining hall has an amazing salad bar!The WEIRDEST & STRANGEST  “veggie” pizza I have ever experienced, to say the least. I did not specify what I wanted on it (althought next time I will) and just ordered the veggie pizza, which turned out having carrots, yellow and green squash, and spinach leaves. It was not your typical veggie pizza, at least for me it wasn’t, but of course knowing me I did not put any to waste!TUTTI FRUTTI! A self serve frozen yogurt place where my roomie and I go pretty much on a weekly basis! SO GOOD 😀Raspberry sorbet with chocolate sprinkles.Pretzel M & M’s.Vanilla Froyo with rainbow sprinkles.Chocolate Froyo with Reese’s pb cups! A girl can never go wrong with chocolate & peanut butter together 🙂 No way!And when I am lazy to walk to get froyo…a froyo bar will do! Some more TUTTI FRUTTI! I told you I wasn’t lying. So now you can tell, I really have an addiction to frozen yogurt 😉A NEW addition to my dorm room, thanks to my roomie’s sister who isn’t allowed to have it at her college…so we inherited it and I ain’t complaining!MOO BELLA! Mix and make your own ice cream at my dining hall! Candy Station that is fully stocked with all sorts of candy daily 🙂 I eat pretty well at my school and I am truly blessed!

What a post that was! If you made it through the whole post, pat yourself on your back 😉 I am off to relax for the rest of this Sunday night!

9 thoughts on “Are you ready? Because I AM!

  1. Jenna! I have missed your blog posts! I love the pictures of your eats…It definitely doesn’t look like ED is driving your food choices anymore. I love how you’re enjoying your eats and acknowledging your cravings. You’re a constant source of inspiration for me! Glad you’re back!


  2. Glad to see you’re doing wonderfully! 🙂 So jealous of your dining hall food! (and the fact you’re still in college) haha

  3. what a surprise on my google reader! your school does seem to have an awesome dining hall! wish mine had been that good when i still ate there!! so happy to see your doing well.. such an inspiration!

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