Just another lil vaca…

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all gad a great weekend 🙂 I just got back from yet another vacation…although it really wasn’t a REAL relaxing vacation since I was nannying my 2 lil cousins…who are a handful! I was very busy watching them all of the time but I had a great time with them as well as my aunt and uncle.

But here are some eats I ate before leaving!Momma’s homemade cheeseburgers on ONION rolls which were awesome with some yummy sweet potato waffle fries! Perfect summer meal 🙂Outback Steakhouse! Grilled Mahi Mahi topped with artichokes, sundried tomatoes, green onions and a lemon sauce served on top of rice with some green beans.INDIAN FOOD! say what?! I have always wanted to try it since I like hot and spicy food…and at last I did. I had chicken in a tomato cream sauce, white rice, collard greens, and fluffy naan bread! Very good meal overall and glad I got to try it 🙂

And on the way down we had to make a quick lil pit stop for some grub!JIM’S PHILLY CHEESESTEAK!I had mine with steak, american cheese, onions, and peppers and washed it down with a cold diet coke! And you better believe it when I said I ATE THAT WHOLE THING! SO GOOD!

After 9 hours squished in between the middle of two car seats we finally made it to our destination…REHOBOTH BEACH, DELAWARE!Much needed ice cream run after being in the car for so long…Mint Soft Serve!Yogurt topped with cereal, banana, and sliced almonds.Starbucks coffee is much needed when watching two lil toddlers every day! Big ole salad topped with chicken, cheese, salsa, eggs, carrots, broccoli, mustard, and salsa with chips on the side.Pasta night! Ziti and sauce topped with zuchini and squash with breaded chicken.Grilled Chicken Salad.Homemade burgers with baked beans!and tried FRIED OKRA for the first time!Steak Salad! And NO this is not the same picture as above. Although it is the same salad except just not with chicken, I liked it that much. Hehe!GIANT FREEZE POP! don’t mind if i do. Hey, I’m still a kid 😛OMG MY NEW FAVORITE!!! Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Edamame! Just go to TJ’s and try it yourself 🙂Edy’s Black Cherry FroYo with Vanilla Swirl. Love this!And this would be a picture of our fridge for the week! As you can see it was always fully stocked with every kind of food!And do you have any idea what this would be?! Well I didn’t either until I went into the store to ask. There is this place where they take frozen bananas and make it into soft serve! Ain’t that cool?! It was very good but I could obviously taste the bananas, but nothing beats the REAL soft serve ice cream 😛 And on the way home from my trip, my parents and I went out to dinner at Wright’s Chicken Farm which is a family style dinner restaurant. They start you off with rolls with butter and salad, and then when you are not even halfway through eating that, they come out with white over roasted chicken along with pasta & sauce, and potato fries (which were SO good!). If you come here you better make sure you bring your appetite and are ready to EAT! Well quite frankly, everything was delicious and you better believe I had BIG bites of everything you see here!

It was a great lil vaca, but I am pretty sure I am done for the summer with vacations! The next vacation I will be taking will be back up to COLLEGE this sunday, although that really won’t be a vacation with all the work I will have to do :/ But I sure now the rest of college is fun 😉

Well I am off on a date 😀 

6 thoughts on “Just another lil vaca…

  1. Wow all that food looks so yummy! I am right there with you on the exhausted from watching cousins thing! I babysat my cousins while three different times this summer while by aunt and uncle went on vacation and 4 year olds can be tough, the 9 year old was a breeze though!

  2. Ahhh Jim’s the GREATEST – I go to college in philly and it’s definitely agreed upon that Jim’s is the best place for a good cheesesteak 🙂 pat’s and gino’s get too much spotlight – theyre good but not the best 🙂

    and your food looks great asss always

  3. Glad you are having fun, eating well and enjoying your summer ! It sounds like you have had some great trips this summer as well! I ‘m sure you’ve probably started school already *and saw the fb shoutout to your sis starting.. but it’ll be fun to look back at these posts in the middle of the year when you are stuck in cold snowy wintery weather and look back at bbqs, pool time, vacation and friends.. i love doing that 🙂

  4. Hey Jenna! I just found your blog, and I love it! It’s blogs like yours that inspire mine… I try recipes that you post, and usually fail haha! But, really, your healthy lifestyle is something I aspire to have if I can ever get the hang of cooking and buying all of the ingredients…any tips?

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