Cape Cod livin’

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend 🙂 Last week my family and I headed down to the Cape for a few nights as we always do each summer. It was a great time at the beach with family, friends, drinks, and food 😉 That’s what the summer and going to the beach is all about!

Now of course you can’t go to CAPE COD and not have seafood…that is just not possible 😉 So get ready for some delish pics.Baked Scrod, baked potato, & coleslaw.Grilled Shrimp on top of rice with more coleslaw.Best Veggie Pizza ever! Topped with broccoli, olives, breaded eggplant, green peppers, & onions.Oatmeal topped with brown sugar & maple syrup, turkey bacon, & a side of fruit.On the drive home sitting in all the traffic, this girl needed a snack. Chocolate and diet coke always seems to do the trick!

Now, I had SO MUCH FUN while on vacation and definitely was living my life and it felt so good! I went out every single night with one of my best friends from home who works down there and met soo many more people…girls and boys 😉

I ate whatever I wanted too and didn’t regret anything. I had fried food like french fries and the BEST onion rings, had yummy alcoholic drinks, and ate candy without a problem in the world. Life without an ED is simply amazing! Everyone should try it 😉Now when it comes to pizza I usually never get cheese because I just think it is boring and need something more to it. That’s why I always get veggie pizzza…loaded with veggies. But the other night when I was babysitting I was like F*** it…I am sick of veggie (since I just had it the other night too) so I had some of my uncles hamburger, onion, and olive pizza! Sooo good and relieving to try new foods.Panera Poppyseed & Chicken Salad…obvi 😉 Chicken Margherita.Famslam cookout! Teriyaki chicken with pasta salad (x2) and grilled veggies.Ziti with veggies and meatballs.A lil bit of mint chocolate chip topped with black raspberry ice cream! You know I can’t go a week without my DQ consumption! Tonight perhaps?!

Well I am starving and going to have me a homemade cheeseburger with sweet potatoe fries! All time favorite summer dinner meal 🙂

26 thoughts on “Cape Cod livin’

  1. Chocolate, diet coke, and some kind of salty cracker is the best kind of stress reliever 🙂 Glad to see you’re doing well m’dear!

  2. Hey, Jenna! You are such an inspiration, and you’re proof that happiness and joy can exist after surviving an ED. I love seeing all of your gorgeous eats. Do you notice any change in how you feel about your body after resuming normal eating? Does eating pizza and candy make you feel fat? I hope you don’t mind me asking. I wish I could eat those things without feeling horrible about my body. Thank you!


    • thanks emily! yes my body feels a lot sronger, happier, and healthier now that i resumed normal eating 🙂 and NOOOOOO pizza & candy does not make you fat…enjoy it, you only live once! it is way too tasty to not eat 🙂 LIVE IT UP 🙂

      • Thank you so much for those words, Jenna! It’s just the motivation I needed to squash that ED voice in my head. You’re a true inspiration.


  3. Hi Jenna,
    I never comment on blogs but really felt the need to tonight. I came across your old blog last night and literally read it from beginning to end. I came over to this site tonight and after only reading one entry, I’m so proud of a girl I don’t even know! After seeing nothing but pictures of turkey sandwiches and broiled chicken, it was SOOOOOO refreshing to come here and see that you are actually enjoying food again, REAL food!!!! I am beyond happy for you!

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