Start of Summer

Hey Hey! Can you believe I am posting again in like one week?! Hah. Well that is because I actually have some time now I am home for the summer!! Wahoo. So I still don’t know exactly what I am doing in regards to working this summer, but I have some options I am still currently working on. I will definitely have my working plans all set and finalized by the end of next week because I know you all want to know. Hah!

But now onto the foodie front. Just some typical breakfasts we have here.

Cinnamon Cheerios! Love.Homemade Corn Muffins! Made by my younger sister and I still ate them. Yikes! Jk. She is a great baker 😉And because sometimes breakfast just doesn’t fill me up, an oreo will do the trick…or perhaps three of them 😉 Who says you can’t have cookies at 9 in the morning?!Toasted Almond Iced with Skim Milk & Caramal Swirl please. If you haven’t tried this…please go and do so this afternoon. Currently my new addiction. And p.s. I was STOPPED at a stop light thank you very much! Don’t take pics and drive 😉 You can only drink and drive…ICED COFFEE that is 🙂Momma’s Homemade American Chop Suey!Some frozen meal stuffed in the back of the freezer when there is nothing else in the house to eat when your mother needs to go grocery shopping! Don’t worry we went yesterday and fully stocked up on the goods. And since this pretty much filled my back tooth, I also consumed copious amounts of Cheez-Its afterwards. Hey, I was still hungry! A girls gotta eatttttt 🙂Cantaloupe Martini shared with my aunt! Pretty delish!Chicken Rialto! I was craving carbs so I got them. Duh. That’s whatchya gotta do. Just listen to your body and what YOU want to eat. Looks good, right?! Well it was. Even thought it was a huge portion I still managed to eat about 3/4 of it. No shame, no shame at all!And despite the fact that I was stuffed after dinner, I still managed to have my first PURPLE COW ice cream of the season. Summer has officially began! I mean it was opening night so I just couldn’t resist and went all out.But when I don’t go out for ice cream I love me some lil individual ice creams just for muahhh!No biggie that I pretty much ate this Cookies ‘n Cream gallon of ice cream by myself in a matter of a week! Love me some ice cream 🙂

Well that is what I got for yas on this Saturday morning! The SUN is finally shining after one week of cold and rain and I am about to get my sweat on at the gym! Happy Saturday 🙂


22 thoughts on “Start of Summer

    • what?! omg! i dunno if i can talk to you anymore 😉 hehe.jk.
      PURPLE COW ice cream is only the best thing ever…black raspberry ice cream with chocolate & white chocolate chips…heavennn! must go try it 😉 promise, it won’t disappoint!

      • Omg that sounds SO good. WHY have I not seen that around here? Actually, it’s probably because whenever I get ice cream I usually go for plain vanilla so I can dress it up the way I like. I enjoy a palate to work with. You better still talk to me!!! hahaha jk

  1. haha you’re not an alcoholic at all! drinking is good for the soul! … at least that’s what I use to justify it haha 🙂 and you’re getting yummy drinks as opposed to awful tasting college frat-party alcohol

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