Officially Summer 2011 :)

Hey everyone!! First and foremost as if you couldn’t already tell from my title…I am OFFICIALLY on SUMMER VACATION starting this past Wednesday. I completed and passed (of course!) all of my finals. I guess all of that hard work studying and going out on Cinco de Mayo the night before my huge nursing final really paid off 😉 I think I should go out more the night before my tests!*Note to self for next semester*

So if you haven’t already heard it enough from me I honestly had the BEST college semester ever, especially this past spring semester. I mean fall semester was good, but it just kept getting even better. I began school in the fall at still a pretty low weight for my height and was still in the process of recovering and gaining weight weekly. I was still rigid with my food selections and ate the same foods day after day with just a little switching it up here and there. I was just so afraid of slipping that I didn’t want to change what I was eating because it seemed to be working for…me aka putting on the pounds! But after I came back to college after Christmas break things just slowly started to change for me in a GOOD WAY…and I know why! I contribute a lot of my progress to two my new girlfriends who I became a lot friendly with at the beginning of this semester. I have mentioned them before but they have honestly been such inspirations to me and I can’t thank them enough. Being around them all the time (since we all are nursing majors) has made be such a happy and healthy young lady overall 🙂

So now onto the foodie front! Last week while my roomie and I were at the coffee shop on campus for dinner I told her I was still hungry after my buffalo chicken wrap for dinner. I told her to I was craving FRENCH FRIES and nothing else. Now you all are probably thinking I am crazy…they are just fries, and I know that. But for me it was a BiG deal because I haven’t had fries in well over 2 years before I developed my ED! I mean before my ED I used to always have them. They have been one of my fear foods in my recovery and probably the only food I have yet to conquer…until last week at dinner! So of course my (amazing & supportive) roomie told me obviously to get them if that was what I wanted. I mean if I think about it, if there is something I want then why should I deprive myself of it?! I shouldn’t. I deserve it! And my new moto is YOLO…You Only Live Once 🙂 S0 up I went to order my french fries and ate them all with the it’s great side condiment ketchup! And boy have I missed my fries, that’s for sure. I ate all that I wanted (which was all but a few!) and felt so accomplished of what I just did! I felt like I just dominated my ED and felt so much better after eating them. If I accomplished those fries (my ultimate fear food), then pshhh I can conquer anything 😉 Bring. It. On.Now since I have been home for break…Everything bagel with cream cheese and chocolate coconut coffee (holy yum!)  while out with my BFF since the third grade!!The usual breaky from school. Hah. Had to use the last of my dining hall money left (only $40). Don’t worry! I was eating this semester, and actually very well indeed! I just bought a few cereal cups, Chobanis, and vanilla soymilks home because they are so tasty!Out to lunch with mom and grammy my first day on break! Got the Buffalo Chicken Salad with blue cheese dressing. Awesome! I found a new favorite cheese of mine! Mid afternoon drink that keeps me going…Cococnut Iced with caramel swirl please 🙂 America really does run on Dunkins! Well at least I do now 😉 First dinner back at home was mom’s homemade CHEESEBURGER w/ lettuce, tomato & mayo along with TJ’ sweet potato fries with copious amounts of ketchup.Don’t let that portion of fries kid you…I had about triple the amount of fries, no lie…they are that good!Cherry Coke Zero. Don’t mind if I do.Asian Sesame Chicken Salad from Panera. I mean it wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t have Panera within the first week of being home. But unfortunately, it kind of disappointed me 😦 This salad was just blah and had no flavor. I feel as though it should have had more stuff in it or maybe it was I am just used to my huge ass salads I make at my dining hall at school when I put legit twenty different components in it 😉 What?! This girl likes her salad beasts! 

And to finish this post off…DAIRY QUEEN with my mom last night. I just had a simple vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate! I wasn’t really in the mood for anything too extravagant, just something simple, but next time I am for sure getting a BLizZaRd, which is what I used to have all the time before my ED! Can you just say Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard?! As a matter of fact…YES! I can say that next time I go to DQ which will be very soon since the new DQ just opened a few weeks ago the town next door and is less than 10 minutes away from my house! This is going to be dangerous 😉

Well I am off to watch the end of the Bruins Hockey game! Have a great rest of your weekend!


20 thoughts on “Officially Summer 2011 :)

  1. Good for you Jenna! You have indeed come incredibly far- and I feel you on the fries, those were a huge step for me too but then I came to realize that fries are one of the finer things in life 😉

  2. Haha, you know it’s funny because a few weeks ago I had a huge fry craving too. And I hadn’t had them in SUCH a long time. So I booked it to Wendy’s on campus (closest fry place!) and let myself at it 🙂 Best choice ever! And now the cravings have been coming back as well.
    I’ve actually been craving fried food lately for some reason! Why the heck not though, right? 🙂

    • exactly! if YOU want something to eat then why should you ignore yourself and deny your craving?! YOU SHOULDN’T!!! GO AND EAT WHAT YOU WANT 🙂

  3. you.are.amazing. You are so fun to watch and see the progress being made, and you are so positive—seriously… such an inspiration 🙂

  4. Congrats! This post was wonderful. I’ve read your blog for a long time, and I know how much you have struggled. It seemed for a long time that you were “faking it until you made it” with the positive attitude, but still largely stuck in your ED, but now, you really seem to have made great strides! Congrats again, because you really did it! Keep going, you look great, and you sound HAPPY!

  5. Aww Jenna I”m so glad to hear you’re doing so well and ahving such a good time in college! 🙂 i’m honestly struggling a bit on the social front so I totally know what a big difference some good friends can make!

    I’m also sooo jealous you’re on break already! I’m counting down the days 😉

    • well actually i love there blizzards…and i will be conquering it next time 😉 but yes! DQ dipped cones are quite good! i will try em all this summer, don’t you worry!

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