My 21st Birthday!!!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend because I sure did! This past Friday was my 21st BIRTHDAY and I had a great weekend filled with my family, friends, drinks, and food. It was just what I wanted 🙂

Some breaky eats while I was at home for Easter break…And NO I did not have a whole jar of peanut butter as part of my breakfast, although that does sound quite tempting 😉 I had OIAJ with the rest of the pb and a banana along with a homemade lil corn muffin and milk.Avocado Quesadilla! This was a first time meal for me and it was ahh-mazing! Everyone in line said it is their favorite and so good, so I had to see for myself and they were right, it was very good.Ok I know your probably thinking WTF that looks disgusting but my iPhone camera does it no justice. This is my new favorite wrap from the grill station at my cafeteria and that would be a Chicken & Cheese wrap! Soo yummy and obvi dipped in hot sauce, my current obsession.Lunch at home. Nothin’ special, just a turkey & cheese panini.Had a lil craving for popcorn as a snack one afternoon.And of course can’t forget my nightly obsession snack of Vanilly froyo with mini M & M’s.BIRTHDAY CAKE #1 of the day after my lunch! Since it was my 21st birthday and it only comes around once year and this was a BIG birthday I deserved to have whatever I wanted! My cafeteria at school offers a wide variety of desserts and everyone raves about them but I would never know because I never had any 😦 But that all changed on Friday after lunch when I had cake. This was sooo good! I don’t even know what they called it but it was chocolate cake filled with vanilla frosting, peanut butter, and chocolate and had Reese’s pb cups on the outside. Heaven in my mouth! It was so good and I licked my plate clean 😉 Now why haven’t I had this before?! Oh yeah because I had a lil voice in my head..but not anymoreee 🙂

I went home for my birthday night and went out to eat at Osaka, a hibachi grill with my family, cousins, aunts & uncles and had a great time! I ordered a Mai-Thai and had a delicious meal along ice cream cake for my birthday! I came back up to school Saturday morning to get ready for more birthday festivites. I went out to Margarita’s for dinner and of coure MARGARITAS with my girlfriends! I was super excited to have my first ever Margarita. I ordered the Russelrita, a mix of strawberries & raspberries and it was SOO GOOD! I can’t wait to go back again. Oh yes that’s right…Cinco do Mayo is on Thursday!While waiting for our meals we sipped on our drinks and muched on some chips & salsa. For my meal I ordered the Shrimp Lettuce Wraps. The lettuce wraps were filled with pieces of shrimp, salsa, corn, and topped with avocado with a nice dressing on the side. Of course the night would not be complete without singing and birthday cake! The waiters all came out to sing Happy Birthday to me and brought along a sombrero for me to wear and this delicious Grande Chocolate Finale, chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache in a strawberry sauce with whipped cream 🙂

My 21st Birthday Weekend was perfect and I am so grateful for my family & friends who made it all that special! Well now the fun times are over since it is now Monday and finals start later this week 😦 But only 9 more days until summer!!!


23 thoughts on “My 21st Birthday!!!

  1. I’m not 21 yet, but I’ve had a margarita before, and they’re so good! It’s my mom’s favorite drink and I’ve tried hers 😉

    Glad you had fun, but where’s the picture of you with the sombrero? Lol!

    • omg the frozen margarita was the best drink i had all weekend! and i can’t wait to try more flavors…i am thinking a blueberry one would be ahhhmazing!

  2. Yay! Happy Birthday beautiful girl! You are such an inspiration. Love your hair parted on the side btw hehe.

    • i did indeed have a great birthday weekend! and i am also going out for cinco de mayo for margaritas! can’t wait and i hope you enjoy 🙂

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, girl!

    You sound like you’re doing awesome Jenna! Seriously — I’m so proud of you!!!!! In fact, you’ve overcome a lot of battles that I still struggle with a lot. YOU inspire me!

  4. Thanks Jenny! I am glad I am inspiring to you! I have been through many ups and downs but it was all worth it and I love life 🙂
    I hope conquering my own battles can help you conquer yours as well!
    I am here if ya need me…alwayssss 😉

  5. hmm thats weird! they have it in all the stores around me…send ya a jar?!
    ya just gotta keep your eye peeled in every store!

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