I’m alive!

Hey everyone!!! YES I am alive and yES I am posting again! Wahoooo 🙂 Can ya believe it? I sure can’t! The last time I posted was when I was home on spring break and now again as I am home for Easter break! (The perks of going to a Catholic college). Goes to show you the ONLY time I have to post is when I am home. So prepare yourself for lots more posts once I am home for summer break in like 3 weeks. So soon!

So since I haven’t posted in eons I will let you in on how I have been doing. To tell you the honest truth I have been doing so well! I have just been living me life ED free and life has been amazing! This semester at college has been the BEST EVER…hands down! I have a whole new bunch of friends and 2 new closest girlfriends who are just like ME and I love them. They are both nursing majors just like me and I am actually rooming with one of them next year. I can’t even wait! Both of them are normal girls free of ED, eat what they want whenever they want, and who are both very supportive and understand what I have been through and great role models for me to look up to (and I always tell them that too and they laught at me! Hah.)

As I have been up at school I haven’t been taking any pictures of my foods, which is both a good and a bad thing! Good beacuse I haven’t been focusing on my food and not worrying of taking pictures of my food, and also good because I feel as though I have been living ED free and not thinking about my blog, food, and ED all the time! I feel as though I used to associate my blog with my ED, but now my new outlook is my blog is associated with me living my life free of my ED! But then the bad thing is when I do post like right now I don’t have many pictures to share 😦 Boo! But anyways here is what I have for ya… Egg & Cheese Omelet with diced tomatoes, side of fruit, and vanilla soy milk.Breakfast this morning was Kashi Golden Brown Maple oatmeal, banana with Almond Butter, and regular cow’s milk 😉

This was my first time trying Kashi oatmeal and it was very good and I will definitely have it again back at school (yes, my college dining hall sells Kashi products…loves it).

Then tonight I went out with my dad on a lil dinner date which is a must when I am home 😉 We went to Brew City and of course hence the name of the restaurant they are known for their beers, having over 100 different kinds! But if only it was a week from tomorrow then I could have ordered a beer legally! Turning 21 is just a week away 🙂 Hollah! For dinner I ordered the Green Apple Turkey Burger with sweet potatoe fries!  The burger was topped with cheddar cheese and a granny smith apple spread! It was a very good meal and I finished the whole burger and only left a few fries on the plate for my dad to finish! 

Well now I am off to watch Housewives of NYC and then sleepytime 🙂 Have a good night everyone!


15 thoughts on “I’m alive!

  1. Sooo happy to see you back girlie! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more posts from you, and am SO happy to see how wonderful recovery is going for you!

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