Spring Break?!

What up love pies?! Long time, no talk! But now since I am on spring break (yeah I know, super early) I finally have some down time to post! Yeahhhh šŸ™‚ But on the down side I have had the FLU the day I came home from school šŸ˜¦ Not so fun. But I am so happy I am home sick with the care of my mom rather than up at school, it would have been miserable.

But anyways, now onto the foodie front…

Stonyfield Superfruits yogurt mixed with…this granola and fruit!

To get this lovely yogurt mess šŸ™‚OIAJ.Cinnamon Roll yogurt..so good!Brand new opened Mighty Maple peanut butter. Love opening new pb jars and taking the first scoop šŸ™‚Vanilla Soy Milk! No I am not lactose but I just enjoy this milk so much better than plain tasting milk becasue of it’s rich vanilla flavor šŸ™‚Chocolate Soy Milk. Pretty good although Vanilla is still by far my fav!Strawberry Dunkin Donuts Coffee. Say what?! Need I say more!My go to snack! I munch on handfuls of these throughout the day. Gotta get in those healthy fats šŸ˜‰Ā Love these lil hummus on the go šŸ™‚

And last but not least…POP CHIPS! Simply obsessed with them and love my dining hall sells them now!

Well everyone that is all I have for you on this Wednesday night of my spring break. I am off to kick back and relax (aka pretty much what I have been doing all break!)


23 thoughts on “Spring Break?!

  1. Hope you feel better, Jenna.

    That cinnamon roll yogurt made me wanna puke when I tried it haha šŸ˜‰ Glad you enjoyed it though, but it reminded me of a sour cinnamon roll! šŸ˜›

    Enjoy your break and some sunshine!

  2. You need to try FAGE greek yogurt, like half the sugar and twice the protein of any other yogurts out there right now. Love the blog! I’ll be back soon šŸ™‚ Happy Spring Break! Mine is here on Friday!

  3. I know this is random, but just wondering! During your recovery, did you struggle with exercising? How did you stop yourself from exercising/having the urge to??

    • it is not random at all! it is actually a very good question! i was strictly by no means allowed to do any sort of exercise during my recovery as it would just be detremental to my health and not help. I never thought i was going to be able to handle not exercising since it was sucha big part of my life, but i did! i did not blow up like a balloon or anything, i was fine although i did gain weight which was exactly what i was supposed to be doing! and i didn’t start exercising until a little over one full year and i survived šŸ™‚

      • So you were in recovery for more than a year? I struggle with not exercising. I don’t go on runs or anything, but when I’m alone I just have the urge to exercise. Are you still in recovery? How do you stay on track?

  4. Hi lovely šŸ™‚ Just wanted to drop by and say HELLO and hope that you’re doing amazing! Hope you’ll post soon!

  5. I hope you’re better from the flu! That’s no fun at all.

    All those peanut butter flavors sound amazing! We only have dark and white chocolate flavors where I’m from.

  6. Hey there, I wanted to make sure you can read my blog because I made it private! Whats your wordpress username so I can put it in?

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