While at school…

HELLO everyone! I first want to say I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I feel like I haven’t blogged in oh so long, well that’s because…I haven’t! The last week of school I was very very busy, all I basically did was eat, sleep, study, with occassional trips to the gym. I am happy to say I am home and done with finals and enjoying break with my family πŸ™‚Β 


Β Yogurt messes were a must obvi.

Β Hummus per usual with veggies and pretzels.

Β My fav Luna Bar by far.

More snacks I munched on while studying…

Salmon topped over veggies for dinner out to eat.

And for my roomie’s 21st birthday we went out to a hibachi grill!

I started out with Miso soup.
followed by a salad with ginger dressing.
and for my meal I got teriyaki shrimp over veggies with a side of sticky white rice.Β 
Lots and lots of stydyinggg.
But the one thing that kept me sane during finals was my evening snack of fro yo with toppings πŸ˜‰

Well folks that was a wicked (yes, I say wicked) quick post from while I was at school and I will be soon doing a recap of my Christmas. Can’t wait to share with you what I got…but I will give you a hint of one thing I got…starts with a C, ends with an A, is 6 letters long, and lots of bloggers use them πŸ˜‰



16 thoughts on “While at school…

  1. Ive been in recovery/treatment for about 8-9 years. I think its awesome that you are doing so well with eating. I do know from experience, that when you are so focused on food, you havent solved the problem yet. Do you think you are too consumed with food still? I mean, posting picture after picture of food is a little extreme no?

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