Finally have time

HELLOOO! I am back 🙂 As you can tell by the post title I finally have some time to BLOG! To tell you the truth these last few weeks of summer I have been extremely busy with nannying pretty much every single day and I really had no time to blog nor did I really feel like blogging…so I didn’t. That’s how I roll 😉
This post is filled with pics from the last few weeks of summer so here goes nothin’.

The Bee’s Knees. New pb I had for quite some time but just opened it!


Yogurt Mess in a jar.

Scrammbie eggs with HOT SAUCE (love this stuff), banana and an english muff with butter all washed down with a glass a milk. Perfect Sunday morning breakfast!


Chocolate Deluxe Pure Protein Bar aka PURE $h!t. Not a fan at all.

 But this little beaut on the other had was pure for sure ;)…yeah I will stop trying to be cool right about now. Au Bon Pain iced chai latte. TO DIE FOR!

Typical turkey sandwich with a peach and pretzels


Panera Bread Meditteranean Sandwich. I thought it was just okay, nothing special.



Do you really think I could go a post without my all time fav BBQ Chicken Salad?! I mean, let’s be real.


This bad boy would be a Moe’s burrito!!

Yogurt messes galore…

This was definitely one of my challenge and fear foods and I am proud to tell you one night last week I asked my mom if we could have Moe’s for dinner and of course she obviously agreed!
I demolished the whole burrito that was filled with rice, black beans, avocado, cheese, and lettuce. I ate it all with NO regret! Loved every single bite of it.

My last night at home my mom, sisters, and I all went shopping and then had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I had the Chinese Chicken Salad and it was huge and so so so good!

And you are probably wondering what I am eating in this pic?…

Well it is just me eating an M & M Friend-z. No biggie 😉

And yes this would be another ice cream I also had one night! I went out with two of my girls from high school to chat before we all left for school and it was my idea to meet up at Friendly’s. But there was something strange about this…I was the only one who ordered ice cream!! Yup, ya heard me right! I had Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and enjoyed every lick while having a nice time talking to my two friends 🙂

While at the mall the other night I bought myself a new purse. I really felt like I deserved it for all that I did over this summer as I made huge steps in recovery and was busy nannying all the time 🙂

All must stuff ready to go.
OUR NEW ROOM! I have the bottom bunk and my desk is in the left that you can’t really see.


Much better pic of my side.

And last but not least my desk!

Phew, that was a long post and if you read all of it then give yourself a lil pat on the back!

So right now I am currently back at college! I moved in this past Sunday and although I was a little emotional the first day I am doing much better today 🙂

Well I gotta do some of my homework and run some errands. Peace out!!

Love, Jenna xoxo


14 thoughts on “Finally have time

  1. Ahh – you look fantastic, girly!! Lovin' all the eats…and especially the Moe's!! Delicious!!! Your room is so cute, too!! HUGE! Well…in comparison to my old dorm rooms! haha 🙂 Glad you are doing so amazing!! Lots of love!

  2. awesome, jenna! keep going, it is so worth it! you deserve all of the treats that you had and you need to make sure you treat yourself often! Keep pushing that stupid ed away for good!

  3. Wow, your dorm looks so cozy! Your OIAJ looks delish — I just bought Skippy's Natural (super chunk) and love it :)! Can I ask what bread is in your "Typical turkey sandwich with a peach and pretzels" picture?

  4. 😀 I LOVE your room!!! Its so cute! And way to go eating that icecream even when your friends didnt…sometimes ya just gotta be different and its OK! 😀 Have a great rest of the week Jenna! It was good to read a post from you!Maddixxx

  5. I love your awesome steps in recovery. I've been reading for a while now and you really have sprouted your wings since your last posts. I am so proud of you hun!!!

  6. Jenna thats so SO GOOD for you!!! I'm so happy that you had an amazing summer. There's nothing like cool creamy ice cream in the summer!! Love it!!! Cool that you are all moved into your new dorm room, I hope you have an amazing time with your roomies and friends, you'll have to post new pics of your decorations and everything once you have it all set up!

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