Happy August!

Happy August 1st! I can’t believe summer is almost over and it is August already!
Last week I went on vacation with the family to the beach and had a great time. We met up with my cousins and their cousins and their friends and it was just a blast! The weather could not have been any better, it was sunny and hot everyday 🙂 I really did not want to leave and I hate it when vacations end 😦 Don’t you? 
But lemme recap for ya some of the eats I had on vaca. But before I do I just wanna show ya what I had for breaky this morning because it was glorioust plain glorious!

Fage 2% yogurt, Multi Grain Cheerios, topped with a very mushy over riped banana, honey and Justin’s crunchy almond butter. It was amazing!
The hotel we stayed at had a complimentary breakfast every morning and I didn’t have my usual yogurt mess and I also didn’t freak out because of it. I had what was available at the hotel and made myself breakfast.


English muffin with real buttah, eggs with HOT SAUCE, and a glass of OJ. First time I tried hot sauce on anything and boy lemme tell ya a lil hot sauce goes a longgg way!
But of course I couldn’t go all week without having my yogurt mess all week 😉
Fage 2%, Cheerios, banana, and JIF peanut butter which I did not measure out at all since I didn’t have a tbsp to measure it out and I did not freak out! I just took a big scoop outta the jar and it felt good that I didn’t have to measure! And yes you heard me right with JIF pb with its hydrogenated oils and all. ED kind of freaked out because that was the only pb we had while on vaca (since I forgot to bring my packs to go!) and even though people say to stay away from those oils, but hey that’s the only pb we had and I was NOT going to skip out just because of some stupid oils. I mean eating this pb for a few days is definitely not gonna hurt me!
Chocolate Pretzel Kashi Crunchy bar that was just ok, nothing to rave about.


Typical lunches on the beach were turkey & swiss on spinach wrap with chips and fruit. OMG I love how tasty these spinach wraps are!


 New bars I tried on vaca were Toffee Chocolate Chip which was tasty.


But on the other hand this Oatmeal Raisin Cookie was just okay, the Clif Oatmeal Raisin Walnut bar is by far better!
I honestly think on this vacation I ate really well and challanged myself a lot!

The first night I was feeling brave and ready to try something new so that was what I did! For the first time ever I tried broiled scallops! Lately I have been very willing to try new foods and challenge myself and was proud I did. After much debate on whether I should order them or not, my dad and the waiter both agreed I would most likely like them and I kinda new I would to…and I did! Along with the broiled scallops I had a baked potatoes and veggies.


Swordfish topped on a salad along with a baked potato (not pictured). And do you notice the puree on the dish?! Well it was a rosemary/merlot beurre rough and I ate it! I think back to when I was deep in my ED and remembered when I ate everything plain (boring!!) but now I don’t and I enjoy food so much more!


Broiled Haddock with rice pilaf and cole slaw. This haddock was awesome! Melt in yo mouth kinda good 😉
Pam seared, sesame seed encrusted salmon fillet finshed with a Grand Mariner orange glaze served with a baked potato and steamed veggies. This meal was amazing and beautifully presented! I loved it.

As you can tell from my photos I ate a lot of fish while on vacation! But it was all very good. I mean you can’t go visit Cape Cod without enjoying all the sefood it has to offer! I feel like I did a very nice job eating and things seem to be getting a lot easier for me as time goes on as I recover 🙂

I had a great time with my family on vacation but also happy to be back home again! yesterday afternoon my dad and I took a trip to Fenway to scalp some tickets for the game but no such luck so we ended up walking over to Newbury Street to spend the afternoon there. As dinner soon approached we headed back to Fenway to grab some dinner at Boston Beer Works and to catch the end of the game, which was great by the way! They came back from losing and won 5-2!! Go Sox!

For dinner I had the El Paso Chicken Salad! The menu was so big and everything looked great but at last the salads just sounded great and they certainly were! This salad had spicy pasilla-rubbed grilled chicken breast served over tossed mixed greens with avocado, grapes, spiced candied pecans, grilled corn and apples topped with a Roasted & Toasted Cumin dressing. ED definitely chimed in a bit and told me not to eat the salad because the dressing was already mixed up but I just ignored him and told him I was going to eat the salad with the dressing and all and that is what I did!

Well folks thats all I got for ya! See ya soon 🙂

22 thoughts on “Happy August!

  1. Yippee for Jenna! I can definitely tell that you left ED behind on this trip because you were so courageous with your healthy, nutritious choices. I am definitely still in the place you were talking about where I eat everything plain because I'm terrified of the sauces and marinades. You are such an inspiration to me to redirect my focus to enjoying food rather than battling it. Thank you for sharing your eats, Jenna!-Emily

  2. Jenna, you are such an inspiration, not listening to ED 😉 good for you, glad you had a great trip, AWESOME EATS!!, I love seafood!, take care girl!!!! ❤

  3. Nice work Jenna, great job on holidays! you did really well and should be proud, that chicken salad looks pretty awesome, i might need to steal the idea!!:)

  4. I'm glad you pushed out of your comfort zone and challenged your ED! Doing that is so important and it plays a huge role in recovery. 🙂

  5. I always feel like summer is over when August rolls around… So depressing! Good job making the best of hotel food. Sometimes ya gotta just roll with the punches. Plus, you discovered a new food (er, condiment), so that's cool!

  6. Good for you for trying new things on vacation. I have been doing that lately, too. It's kind of fun rediscovering foods you like *or don't like*, isn't it. Hope you are doing well, I've been thinking about you!Shoot me an email!Take care girl.

  7. Hey Jenna! I'm glad we discovered each other's blogs! :)Your vacay eats look awesome! Congrats on overcoming your fears and GOING FOR IT! Doesn't REAL food taste amazing? I lovelovelove fish…It's my favorite thing to order at restaurants!Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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