When you’re sick…

When you’re sick with the stomach bug the last thing you want to think about is food since you have no appetite what so ever and the thought of food just makes your stomach queeze šŸ˜¦ To sum it up the stomach bug is no fun.
Yesterday morning I woke up feelin’ much better than I did Wednesday (that’s for sure). I stuck to a wicked bland diet of simple carbs and stayed away from all sorts of dairy products and heavy foods.

As I am currently trying to recover from ED and gain weight getting the stomach bug was the last thing my body needed. Since I am at a low body weight and BMI my body cannot afford to get sick because it will be very hard to fight off the sickness. So I made sure I took every precaution to take care of myself in order to recover from this sickness ASAP.

My boring eats from yesterday included…
This morning I woke up feeling much better! Still not 100% but pretty close. Since it had been nearly 48 hours since I last “tossed my cookies” I thought my stomach would be able to handle dairy products once again and what better way than to start my morning with 2% STRAWBERRY BANANA Chobani yogurt!
This was my FIRST time ever trying 2 % Greek yogurt. This was definitely a challenge for me since I am used to my non-fat Greek yogurt. I legit bought this yogurt nearly two weeks ago and this morning I was finally brave enough to eat it!
The 2% yogurt totally beats non-fat yogurt in the texture department. It was so much creamier and I loved the mix of strawberry and bananas together! I will no longer avoid the 2% yogurt just because my ED tells me they are just so called “wasted fat” that my body does not need…but in reality my body does need fat! I will definitely be purchasing this yogurt again šŸ™‚

I also broke open a new jar of Teddie’s Smooth peanut butter. It was a long time since I last had Teddie’s and was happy to be re-united again.

Today’s weather is supposed to be super HOT and close to the 90’s! Bring it on summertime and Happy Friday everyone!Ā 



15 thoughts on “When you’re sick…

  1. so glad you are feeling a bit better sweetie! and is that a tropicana coolata from DD?! SOOOOO YUMMY.take care sweetie and keep doing what you need to do get better! i totally understand how detrimental being sick can be when you are trying to recover. i was sick earlier in the year and it almost caused me to relapse because of the weight i lost. stay strong and don't let ED take you down. you are way too beautiful and smart for that :]<3 love you!

  2. i hope you are feeling a little better each day! i'm glad that you are able to enjoy the food that you can atleast, and you are still on the right track! you are amazing!

  3. I'm trying to feed my brother those same Austin crackers right now Haha šŸ™‚ You have all the standard sick food down! I know what you mean about having not much of an appetite, but I think you're being smart and not letting this effect your eating too badly. You can't afford that right!<3 Tori

  4. Good for you for trying to fuel your body the right way even when you don't feel well! :0) And strawberry banana Chobani is THE BEST – I know even that tiny bit of fat is scary – but the pineapple is amazing too!

  5. Hope you get well soon, Jenna!I had a nasty flu a couple of weeks back, and got so stressed because I was simply not able to eat the required amount of food. And Jenna! I am so proud of you for eating real youghurt šŸ˜€ I know how challenging it must have been for you after your wall of fear has had the time to get so high, but you managed to break it down.Feel so so proud of yourselves ^^

  6. You are amazing. Getting sick when you are in recovery is SO hard. It's one of the reasons I relapsed last time. I was only sick for a day or two, but it was SO triggering.And gold star on the yogurt!!!

  7. Katie- I know! It was so tough getting the stomach bug and it was definitely the last thing I needed to interfere with my recovery and that is why I tried to eat as much bland foods as possible whole sick without making me want to up chuck it since I had no appetite and the thought of food just made me sick! That is why I took every precaution to make sure I got better asap so I could hop back on the road to recovery!!Jenna

  8. yum, šŸ™‚ your lunch looks really good!So awesome you braved your 2% greek yogurt! I have never had greek yogurt.. i am crazy.. i know!! (canada just isnt up to par with you all ) ;-)My next challenge i think for myself is going to be an english muffin for breakfast.. i used to love those things…Love AlwaysFEEEL BETTTER<3

  9. You are doing all the right things. I know it feels like such a step backward to get the stomach bug at a time like that. Oh and 2% yogurt- such a must in life! I'm glad you finally enjoyed some. Hope you get completely better soon.

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