Obsessed With You

Well hello love pies! It feels great to be posting again!! Hope you all have been fabuloso since I last posted as I have been busy busy since then. This summer I am working as a nanny and I didn’t waste anytime starting my job as I started it the day after I got home from college last Thursday!
Where are you workin’ this summer?!
So you could pretty much say that I am now obsessed with oats 😉 I mentioned it last week but I just wanna show ya how much I am.

I had some Oats in a Jar (OIAJ) which is not like me because since I am the queen of yogurt messes I tend to make yogurt messes in a jar, but not this time!

 This was just a packet of oats cooked with water in the micro, then mixed with a banana in an almost empty pb jar, and then all shooken up. I must say that is the KEY to good oats in a jar. After you have everything you want in your jar, put the top on and shake it up to get it all mixed up. I swear, give it a try! It will not disappoint. 

finally took a picture as I was half way into it!


Need I tell you how good it was? 

But it was not a sad morning to let that pb jar go in the recycle bin because I had a brand new jar waiting to be opened the next morning! I am also obsessed with Skippy Natural Creamy pb because it is soo good and creamy. This pb is so creamy and delicious when I eat it by the spoon I need to have a gulp of milk to wash it all down!


Peanut Butter & Jelly oats! 

Maple Sugar & Cinnamon Oats topped wtih banana and Natural Skippy creamy pb with a glass of milk.

I have been snackin’ on many Kind Bars, as my favorite flavor is the Fruit & Nut Delight.


Because I am a Subway kind of girl I have of course already been there since I got home having the usual turkey & swiss cheese on whole wheat with an apple, pretzels, and milk.

Are you a fan of Subway or D’Angelos?!

turkey & cheese panini with pear, pretzels, and milk.

Lunch on the go. Can we just look at the ooey gooey cheese melting out? Holy yummm! Also can we look at how I managed to burn this beaut but none the less it was still delish. A lil burnt sandwich never hurt anyone!

Okay so you can also say I am quite obsessed with Panera Bread (as if you couldn’t already tell). I know it’s a problem and it needs to stop…actually hell no it does not 😉 Who am I kidding? This would be the Salmon Mediterranean Salad with a baguette on the side while watching Miss. USA.
Now I know a lot of you are probably asking yourself why I let myself watch Miss. USA this past Sunday night as it could be quite triggering for me as I recover and I understand where you are coming from but let me explain.

Pre-ED I would have no problem watching these shows and pagaents with all the beautiful women flaunting their rockin’ bodies as I wish I could be like them but then again I was quite satisfied with my body back then and never had a problem with food or anything! I was happy and healthy and loved my life 🙂
But now as I recover from an ED I still don’t have a problem watching these shows with all the beautful woman. I don’t find it all that triggering but I definitely watch the show in a different way as I did pre-ED. I now seet these women as beautiful and healthy. I noticed that NONE of the women competing in Miss.USA were ultra skinny or stick thin.
They all carried healthy weight on them and looked great. But most importantly they looked happy in their bodies. It really opened my eyes and showed me that in order to be a beautiful healthy young women you do NOT have to be super skinny.

This would be a Rustic Super Veggie Pizza topped with generous amounts of broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and olives. Can you say holy yum?! I haven’t had pizza in so long and it was just what I was craving last Friday night. I had two big slices to fill up my tummy for dinner 🙂

Another dinner was a bowl of elbow pasta with marinara sauce topped with a piece of breaded chicken.

Well that is all I got for ya today on this rainy cold Wednseday. Summer weather is comin’ tomorrow and I could not be more excited! Hello 70 and 80 degree weather!


29 thoughts on “Obsessed With You

  1. I love Subway, too! I think I've visited them in at least a dozen states and like 5 or 6 countries. You can always be sure to have a delicious, healthy meal.

  2. Dude, seriously? Miss USA contestants had "healthy weight on them"? I worry for your mind, sweetheart. Miss USA contestants were all extremely slender… maybe not about to slip into a coma (though you never know), but certainly super skinny.

  3. Wanna know something funny? we've totally switched eats…I'm loving the yogurt messes these days and completely laying off the oats! I'm blaming the warmer weather? I dunno but yogurt messes are just so good =) you gotta try some yoatgurt! you'll loovee it

  4. I agree with the other anonymous person. I think the young women on Miss USA were quite thin. Many of them appeared to have breast implants too as few people can be that thin and still have double d's! So overall, it was triggering for me because I know my body can never look remotely like theirs when I am at a healthy weight.

  5. Welcome back! every time i read ur posts i want subway and pretzels! he!. I dont how i feel about miss usa and pageants like that, i think its triggering if i they are a-beautiful and b-have an amazing life, because then i equate the two,which is not the best idea, but it doesnt really get to me. Enjoy the sun coming ur way!:)xx

  6. so proud of you for eating that pizza! it looks delish.i remember that miss usa girls used to be skinny for sure. at some point a long time ago they were curvy but then they got skinny. now they are a little more normal looking but they are still pretty thin. at least they have BOOBS though which means that their body fat can't be THAT low.

  7. Hey,Miss USA and other beauty pagaents are broadcasted here in Norway as well, and I must disagree with you when it comes to the weight of the women participating. To me these woman were thinner than average. I am not particular a fan of events who focus so much on appearance, and that can might lead to the people watching get a wrong impression of what is important in life.

  8. oatmeal is the food that helped me fix my eating problems. true story.I think people who want to be triggered will find a way to be triggered. You can look at a model in a magazine and say, "OMG she's so skinny I have to stop eating now so I can look like that" or you can recognize that this person is paid to look a certain way and is probably subject to airbrushing and all kinds of crap so she looks that way – and none of those things are realistic for an every day setting. If you choose to be triggered by such a thing, I doubt you are honestly looking for a way towards recovery.

  9. I'm quite the Panera addict too! Asian Sesame Chicken Salad = ❤ !! I don't have any issues with pagaents, but I don't exactly enjoy watching them. They just aren't that interesting to me. I like seeing they're dresses and then I just tune it out Haha!<3 Tori

  10. I'm obsessed with oats too! I eat them almost everyyyy mornin:)Veggie pizza never fails to delight.I like the Miss. America pageant because like you said it showcases REAL women. I think they are good role models!

  11. I should really try oats in a jar or even a yogurt mess in a jar for that matter; they both look insanely delicious!I totally agree with you about the Miss America contestants. They are definitely not as skinny as they used to be. I think they are beginning to represent what real women look like or should look like. I'm actually friends with a Ms. Vermont finalist, and she looks strong, healthy, and gorgeous. In many ways, I wish I could get over my ED completely and look like her. By the way, you should check out my blog! It would be much appreciated : )http://rediscoveringme-kristy.blogspot.com/

  12. Hey Jenna! Your eats all look sooooooooooo good. I love my yogurt messes too but I might start making OIAJ to eat on my way to work. Bytheway, I am in Boston now…any tips on what to do, where to go and what to see?I also love Subway, I also love Panera and I also love pizza and man does pizza sound good right now.

  13. I´m so glad you´re doing fine, Jenna :DAnd I´m so proud of you for fighting against ED so seriously! Believe me – you´re winning, love!Wish you a wonderful weekend.Brazilian XOXO´s,Gabriela

  14. Mmmm yummy eats! I've never had a Subway (I know, right!) I should definitely give it a go since they seem to get lots of thumbs up!xx Jessica.

  15. I don't have any inherent problem with pageants, but I defintely prefer Miss America to Miss USA. Although the I appreciate that the girls in the Miss USA pageants aren't ultra thin, there are a whole hecka' lotta fake boobs.

  16. Miss America just got put on normal tv again for the next three years. I feel like the pageants are triggers even if I don't realize it at the time. I also think that it is important to place small triggers in your life slowly but surely to get to recoverI can't believe you started work so quickly! I hope it's going well. What do you do for eating while on the job?Katherine

  17. Hi Jenna,I do eat a breakfast cookie EVERY morning haha i'm a creature of habit and right now i LOVE them. While I was in AZ I had oatbran but now that i'm back the cookie is so easy since I take it to work. Your oats look pretty darn good though!

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