Because I care

Okay so I must tell you that I have the best friends at college!

Last night when I got back to my room these beautiful Easter lilies were waiting outside my door for me and had no idea who they were from.
The flowers and card were from my girl Carly who came to visit but I missed her 😦 Like seriously she did not have to do this for me but she did because she is amazing! And plus, it is her birthday today! I should be the one giving her flowers and gifts and not the other way around. So Carly if you are reading this, thanks so much! You MADE my night πŸ™‚ Breakfast this morning was the usual yogurt mess with Brown Cow Vanilla yogurt, 1 cup Kashi Honey Sunshine, sliced banana, and PB & Co. Mighty Maple with a glass of milk.Morning snack was a Butter Pecan Boost with an Almond & Apricot Kind Bar. Kind of a weird mix of the flavors, but hey!Lunch was a veggie burger with swiss cheese on wheat bread with pretzels, an apple, and milk. Then I had my weekly appointment which went well I guess. She doesn’t tell me if I gained, stayed the same, or lost but I guess that is a good thing!Before I left for Girls Inc. this afternoon I had this Chocolate Chip Clif Bar. Funny story today, one of the girls remembered I told her I would bring her candy today from last week when they came to eat dinner with us. I totally didn’t think she would remember but she did, of course! I kinda felt bad that I told her that last week but I definitely didn’t think she would remember. But I mean she got her fair share of candy when she came to dinner with me so it’s all good! But I learned my lesson today, not to promise them anything because they WILL remember. I should have known since I have soo many lil cousins πŸ˜‰
Another reason why I have the best friends is when I got back from Girls Inc. my girls already ate dinner but my roomie for next year came down to eat with me so I wouldn’t have to bring it back to my room! For dinner I had grilled chicken, mashed potaotes, zesty broccoli, a dinner roll, and milk.

So I am just really grateful for my friends I have her at college and I love them soo much πŸ™‚

Gotta hop in the shower, get some work done, and watch the Red Sox πŸ˜‰



31 thoughts on “Because I care

  1. yeahh after i asked you how tall you were i remembered you telling me before-ha, sorry!yeah i am really like 5'9" 3/4 ha!about the jeans i don't really have a hard time finding them, i just need to make sure i get longs!

  2. Have been reading your blog for a couple of months. You are an inspriation to me. I'm 49 and have been a slave to ED for well over 30 years (probably should have died a couple times by now). So glad you have friends who care, isolation is so bad for those of us suffering. I have been adopting (following) your meals…first time in I don't know how many years I am actually eating breakfast and snacks. Please keep blogging, I look forward to seeing your's everyday! Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. awww! i am so glad to hear that, thanks for such kind words :)I am happy to know you are adopting some of my meals and that you are finally eating breakfast and snacks! keep it up :)jenna

  4. surprises are wonderful and remind us of how much we are loved! those are gorgeous flowers babydoll! would u hate me if i told u im die hard yankees? hahaha sorry but i cant stand red sox…its a rivalry thing…I obviously still love u tho!xoxo!lolo

  5. That is so sweet of your friend! Gotta love those acts that just brighten your day πŸ™‚ It reminds me to show my friends some appreciation more often!I'm so jealous of the interesting foods you have in the US, it always seems so much more exciting than here in the UK!

  6. Wow! Your drink a lot of milk. I have never heard of these brands. The Hershey's milk looks especially yummy. I am going to have to give them a try. By the way, thanks for visiting our blog! I absolutely adore yours. You have given me so many ideas for new meals I want to try:)-Courtney(teenseat)

  7. Hey girl just wanted to say I have been seeing a lot of questions about your blogging or lack there of recently on formspring and I really respect you taking a break!! BLogging should be a fun release and not something that HAS to be done, I took a break for a while now im back and love it even more!! I hope you enoying life, and look forward to your blogging return if you decide to!!! ❀ ❀

  8. i think she means you giving up trying to recover from the disease by YOURSELF alone.. it should've been "i hope you've come to realize you need more help than you think and stop pretending that you can do this all alone"

  9. 30-okay first of all please do not call people "psychos" on my blog! nobody is!i understand what you meant but you didn't say it very well, it came off rather rude. but i get what you meant to say was stated by anon 29-

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