What day is it?!

Ok so all through today I kept thinking it was Monday when acutally it is Tuesday since we didn’t have school yesterday! But I mean I guess that is a good thing, right? It is better I wasn’t thinking it was Wednesday already.
Does this ever happen to you?!

But anyways, know that I know today is Tuesday here are my eats. Pretty typical eats and not anything all that exciting. But I advice you to read along anyways 🙂
Breakfast was return of the MIGHTY MAPLE peanut butter! In my yogurt mess with Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Honey Sunshine, a banana, and PB & Co. Mighty Maple pb on top with a glass of milk.In between my morning classes I had a Vanilla Boost and a Fruit & Nut Kind Bar.Lunch today was a turkey & swiss wrap, pretzels, a pear, and milk. Afternoon snackage was an Apricot Clif Bar.Dinner tonight was chicken with glazed tri-colored carrots, lemon parsley potatoes, a Harvest Oat dinner roll and milk. I absolutely love love love these carrots, they are soo good! The potatoes were different because they were made with lemon which gave them a nice taste to them as I have never had lemon parsley potatoes before.

So there ya have it, my typical Tuesday eats. Now I am off to watch The Biggest Loser and then 16 & Pregant and also work on my theology project that got assigned to me today. This is so not like me, hah! But I am actually pretty excited about this project because we have to make a scrap book so it is a fun crafty project and not a boring essay. Also, I want to get a head start on it and not wait to the last minute because I know the rest of the semester is going to be quit busy.

Is is weird I am excited about a project?!
I will answer YES to that question!

And lastly I would like to thank each and every one of you who commented on my post last night. I am glad to know I am not the only one and that a lot of you experienced the same things as me!



14 thoughts on “What day is it?!

  1. It's been sort of opposite for me – I keep feeling like it's later in the week – when it's only Tues!! I think it's because I have stressful stuff due at the end of the week and it's making me anxious!

  2. Lovely post, Jenna!I´m happy you´re following your meal plan, and that you´re so excited about your new projects :DWish you an amazing week, girl!Brazilian XOXO´s,Gabriela

  3. That's all you ate? You are recovering girl, you need more calories/fat! If you can't do it, then maybe you really need to be back in treatment. Enough with the yogurt messes for breakfast! Breakfast should be your biggest meal, maybe some Oatmeal, french Toast or pancakes? You need to get away from these yogurt messes. they are cute for a snack, but not a meal. I think maybe watching The Biggest Loser while you are recovering from a life threatening illness, might be a trigger. You may not think so, but it is. seeing the overweight people makes you want to eat less. please do not say this is not true,I know, I had anorexia for almost 13 years.

  4. Jenna, take everything you just ate and double it. Honestly, that would be a healthier amount for you to eat during recovery. That might seems absolutely ridiculous to you, but it is SO TRUE. Especially for someone 5 feet 10 inches!!!

  5. Wow Jenna – looking at your food makes me really question how much I am eating. My doc tells me I maitaining on 3000 cals a day and am 5'6''……but my nutritionest and doctor must wrong and I think I need to find a new one. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

  6. kelly- try and not to compare yourself to my recovery and what i eat because EVERYONE of us is different depending on how tall we are, our activity level, metabolism etc.you should always listen your doctor and parents rather than comparing yourself to others!!

  7. I know, I'm much shorter than you and are on no exercise as well. That's why I question it. There is such a HUGE difference between us, it makes me doubt my team. I'll discuss with them I guess. It just doesnt make sense to me.Sorry to compare to you, its something i'm working on in my recovery. Love your honesty in you blog, btw!

  8. kelly- that is has been a challenge for me as well as i am recovery, comparing myself to others! it is extremely difficult but i am trying to work on it each and everyday!Jenna

  9. Oh boy, that has so totally happened to me. Only I think it's Friday when it's some earlier day in the week, and then it's a bummer when I find out it's not :POh, and I love the variety of foods in your day. They look delicious 🙂 Have a nice day!

  10. i've been reading your blog for a while now, and what I'm seeing is really concerning.As someone who has dealt with an ED in tha past, I know this is not a healthy recovery meal plan.You are 5'10" and are eating enough for maybe someone who is 5'10" trying to LOSE WEIGHT.I'm 5'3"…..a whole 7" shorter than you, and I'm certain my recovery meal plan was much more than you are eating now.Please get yourself help

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