Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you all had a great day 🙂

Now, I was debating on whether or not to post today just because I kind of wanted a break and plus it was Easter today! I went back and forth, back and forth and of course I obviously caved in and decided to post. If I didn’t post tonight it would have been the first time since I started my blog that I didn’t post. I just feel like I am obligated to post even if I don’t have much to say or don’t have the time to :/

But anyways I will give ya a quick recap of my Easter Day 🙂This morning I was greeted by an Easter Basket! I got a sweatshirt and yoga pants from Victoria’s Secret, a gas gift card, iTunes gift card, and some candy! Thanks Easter Bunny 😉Even though we were going out to brunch today I still needed to have a solid breakfast so I had the usual yog mess with Yoplait Greek yogurt, Kashi Heart to Heart, sliced banana, and PB & Co. DCD peanut butter with a glass of milk.

Later this morning I baked some Easter cupcakes and then got ready. I also had my morning snack of a Vanilla Boost and a package of mixed nuts.At noon my family and I were of to meet my aunt and cousins at the country club for some brunch. I am not going to lie I was a bit nervous going out for brunch but there really was no need to because it was BRUNCH! I have been to brunches before and have had no problem. But this was my first time going since my ED. The brunch was excellent! I felt very comfortable because I was able to see all of the food being served and was able to choose what I wanted to eat! Since I already had breakfast food I wasn’t really craving it again so I went for the lunch foods. I got a piece of salmon topped with pineapples, sweet mashed potatoes, brown rice, and some veggies. The potatoes were the best so I went up for some seconds and also got a bowl of fruit salad.

The brunch was really nice and I had a great time and there was really no need to be nervous for the brunch! After, my family and I headed over to my mom’s side of the family for the annual Easter Egg Hunt!! I love hiding all the eggs for the lil cousins 🙂

My Easter was very fun and I enjoyed spending the day with my family and the beautiful weather just made it even better!

How was your Easter Day?!



19 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Happy easter 🙂 My day was awesome, I hunted down a basket filled with yummy goodies and got to spend some quality time with family. I love the color of your new yoga pants too its my favorite!

  2. Hey Jenna, Just came across your blog today and realized that I went to the same high school as you. I'm about 4 years older than you but I bet we had some of the same teachers. Such a small world! -Sarah-

  3. Glad you had a good Easter! I agree with the others that you do not need to blog every day! We really won't mind if you take one day to just relax and not think about food.

  4. Awwww… dont feel the need to post everyday :)We'll all still be here for you when you get back from your hiatus :DDDand im glad you had a great easter! mmmm those look like some GREAT eats :DJae

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