Good Friday!

Happy GOOD FRIDAY! Hope it was a good one for you all ๐Ÿ™‚

Now a lot of you commented on my post yesterday on how I cooked my eggs in the microwave! I was surprised because very few have ever heard of it. So I will tell ya how I made them ๐Ÿ˜‰ I whisked two whole eggs and a lil bit of milk together (probs 2 tbs?!) and then into the microwave they went for a minute and then whisked again. Then back in they went for another minute or so. You should notice the eggs start to get puffy and fluff up, just before they are almost done (when there is still some egg mixture on top) place your slice of cheese on top and let it cook for another 30 more seconds to let the cheese sink in. There ya have it, how to cook eggs in the microwave ๐Ÿ™‚ Aka…only the BEST way!So go try it and lemme know what you think.
This morning for breaky I had the typical yog mess with Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt,1 cup Kashi Mighty Bites and a sliced banana topped with PB & Co. DCD peanut butter with a glass of milk.All mixed uppp!This is what the Mighty Bites cereal looks like, I told you they were shaped as lil people!My mom let my lil sis stay home from school today since she was “sick!” Haha. So her and I chilled for the morning, aka watched tv and snuggled ๐Ÿ˜‰ Later in the morning I had a Vanilla Boost and a Nut Delight Kind Bar.Lunch today I was re-united with my panini maker! It just makes lunch that much better. I had a veggie burger with american cheese paninied on 12 Grain bread with a juicy pear and pretzels along with a glass of milk.

My mom and I did some errands around town and while we were out she suggested I get my hair done since I was home for break and plus it was much needed. So I called the salon and actually was able to get an appointment for an hour later! Hollah. So off I was to get my hair colored and cut! I am pretty sure the best feeling is when you leave the salon and your hair is perfect. I just wish it could just stay like that forever…but we all know it unfortunately doesn’t. Boo!
While getting my hair done I munched on this new to me Cookie Dough Balance Bar. This flavor rocked my faceee! It tasted just like raw cookie dough. The bar had real cookie pieces that were wrapped in a milk chocolate flavored coating. It tasted just like a candy bar ๐Ÿ˜‰ If ya love raw cookie dough then this bar is for ya. But if it is not your thing, well I still think you should try it out anyways. Dinns tonight was another home cooked meal by mom. I had some white Perdue chicken, broccoli, baked potato, and a piece of bread with a glass of milk. Pretty simple lookin’ dinner but it hit the spot!

Well blog readers, I am off to do who knows what! But I do know later I will be watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!

If you have watched his new show, what are your thoughts/opinions ?!

37 thoughts on “Good Friday!

  1. Your mom couldn't have possibly cooked you that plain tiny piece of chicken and thought it would be enough for you. If that is what your nutritionest recommends, ithink you need a new nutritionest. That looks straight out of a weight watchers meal plan!!!

  2. You really need to eat more if you are in recovery. Those yogurt mess things for breakfast don't look too healthy or filling. You should be eating different breakfasts, like maybe French Toast with whole grain bread and some real Maple Syrup and fruit? Or Eggs and whole grain toast. As a person who also went though recovery 7 years ago, I can tell you right now, that what you are eating everyday is not nearly enough for you to gain weight and be healthy. That itty bitty piece of chicken you had for dinner is no nearly enough…chicken is good for you! Lots of protein! You will end up back in the hospital if you don't start eating more! And don't measure your PB, just add it!

  3. I love Food Revolution. I think it is amazing what he is doing. I was lucky enough that my school did not serve lunch… I think it's horrible the things that the schools serve.. No wonder there are obesity problems. French Fries are not vegetables!!

  4. Honestly Jenna, if the anon's bother you so much (I was reading comments from last post) then don't moderate them.. just delete them, give them no voice. I had a blogger account, I know you can deny comments, so just do it!

  5. I have to say I'm happy to see other "anons" commenting, and you should know it isnt just one person-I saw your dinner and that isn't something I would make for the child I nanny! or myself! irregardless, you know what is going on-and just dont bullshit. Hell, recovery is hard. I battled with pants today, so I know-but you have to forge ahead-and if you can't, thats ok…just be honest. Your dinner was kind of triggering in that you make it seem like it's your meal plan-no way. But, your recovery is yours. Dont know what to say. (I'm not an anon but for tonight I am)

  6. What a nice day with your mom!! Its so great that you have a strong support within your family! I love those days where I can just hang out not at school a "personal" day if you will ๐Ÿ˜‰ The mighty bites cereal is so adorable!! the little person haha! Keep at it girl!! โค โค

  7. wow. not trying to be mean but uhhh dinner im sorry but was not enough. you need to be eating more no wonder you cant gain any weight your 5'10 and just to live you require a lot of calories so in order to gain you need to be eating a lot more. theres no fats at lunch EVER and def. none at dinner. i mean what was dinner. that looked like a meal someone would eat if they were trying to LOSE.. you need wayy more protein than that i mean i know its hard but come on… this is also pretty triggering and im sure hard for other girls trying to gain weightidk honestly i think you need to go back into some type of treatment center

  8. Although my dinner does look boring and may look kinda small now that I look at it- it did meet my meal plan- you have to also take into consideration what else I eat throughout the day!

  9. Oh my god you guys, chill out!!! It was ONE meal…not every meal is going to be perfect! Ya it doesn't look like enough but don't start attacking her immediately- just encourage her. (Sorry I'm writing this through a comment Jenna, I'm just so pissed off at how quick people are to just jump down your throat!)Just TELL HER that it doesn't look like enough, don't yell at her saying you wouldn't make it for the kids you babysit, or it looks like she's on a diet and needs help. Grow up.

  10. You're 5'10? OMG! You need to eat more than that! Give me a break! Are you serious? You need FAT in your diet, not that skimpy piece of chicken or veggie burgers and let's not forget those boring yogart messes. If I had a daughetr suffering from an ED and she happened upon your blog, I would be terrified that she would want to follow your lead.You are a bad example for others suffering with ED's. Grow up Jenna, it's time. Stop running home to Mommy & Daddy. Don't you ever want to hang out on the weekends with friends in school? Isn't that what normal college kids do? I know I did. I think that may be part of your problem, you perhaps feel since you are away at school that your family is going on without you. You seem to want to always be home because maybe you'll miss something? Sounds very controlling to me (Just like your ED) I think it's an attention thing with you, it's a way of staying within the family while you're away at school. Keeps your family hopping so to speak. I'm sure the newness has worn off by now though, they are most likely sick of it. And let's not forget your sisters, geeze, what a role model for them, AGH!

  11. Anon 17- thanks for the comment! I happy at least someone else knows how I feel about people attacking me allll the time! I know they are concerned and I lovee the advice they give me but a lil more respect?!

  12. Jenna, there is no way you are eating enough. Especially if you are 5'10"! I'm shorter than you and I MAINTAIN on way more than what you're eating, and I don't exercise at all. You say you are meeting what your nutritionist has set up for you, but if that's the case then I really think you should get a new nutritionist. Just because they are a "professional" doesn't mean they are good at what they do. Think of it this way: I'm sure you've had teachers before that weren't so good. You've said before that you've been trying to gain weight for at least a year, right? It's alarming that you haven't made more progress. Please Jenna, get the help you deserve. We are all fighting for you.

  13. This is not my business, but Anonymous nr.18- that is not the way to gice constructive criticism. Not that I disagree with you, but there is no point in being so harsh. Well, enough about that. I am 178 cm, so I'm a tall girl as well and I have to eat a lot more than you do to gain. It is incredible difficult to make each meal perfect, I still loose quite often to the "anorexic demon", but I hope that your parents can encourage and support you to eat more calories each day. It is scary, stressing and definetely going to piss off your "anorexic demon", but it is the only solution. Thank you for the instruction on cooking eggs in the microwave- will try it in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hedda- I agree with you that I was maybe somewhat harsh, but sometimes that is what it takes to get someone in such denial to take a good, hard look at themselves and see that what they are doing is simply not going to work in the long run.Jenna- I am sorry for being so harsh. Please accept my sincere apology. I am just trying to help and I realize I was too harsh with my choice of words.

  15. Anon 25- i agree with you that sometimes in order to get a point across you must say it how it is and sometimes it comes out kinda harsh. i do accept your apology and all of your advice and support you have given me ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. OMG, you anons really have to stop! Recovery is hard, I know, because I am going through it right now also! I think Jenna is doing a great job with her eats! keep up the great work sweetie! I love making my eggs like that in the microwave also. So good!xoxoxoxo

  17. omg no. 18. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ugh i'm so sorry jenna. i just felt like i was being yelled at reading all of that. why oh why are ppl so harsh when circumstances are so different for different ppl. stay strong, ENJOY the weekend with your family!! ( heaven forbid you like spending time with them right!?) hope all is well and the easter bunny treats you well!!!

  18. Love your blog, and thanks for stopping by mine today! First off, I like that you are a milk drinker, me too! It seems that many in this blog world tend to shy away from it…I really like Jamie Oliver's show. I know some people aren't a fan, but I am. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with teaching people how to eat, what to eat, etc, so we can live better lives;)

  19. Oy Jenna, it seems like you ignore so many good points from the anons and ignore their questions! Just try to take it into consideration. You are a tall girl (which is awesome) but that means you need to be eating a LOT more than other people, especially since you are in gain mode. Are you parents encouraging you to eat more??? How many cals do you eat a day?

  20. jenna, you know that I have been there for you and know more about your recovery than others- i wish you would do what you know you need to do to REALLY recover. not to be like annoying but that mojo bar is around 60 calories less than the clif bars you usually eat… i just dont get why you dont want to recover? i wish i could help you, but at this point there is clearly nothing I can do. you know what you need to do to actually recover but it seems like you arent going to do it. i could post anonymously but there is no point. i hope others don't think i'm mean because I am just telling it like it is.. this is in your hands jenna. maybe you shouldn't blog and maybe you should focus more on your recoverY?

  21. Shelley- I honestly want to recover! You have already done so much for me and I really appreciate it and now it is all up to me to do the work in recovery!!Jenna

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