Happy April 1st! Can you believe it is already April?! Whew! I feel like I was just writing my first post of March like it was yesterday. But boy am I excited for this month because well the nice weather is coming, it is spring which means closer to summer, but most importantly because of my BIRTHDAY! I will be the big 2-0 at the end of this month! Whoahhh 🙂

Now onto my Thursday eats…
Last night I got a great nights sleep in my bed! This morning for breakfast I had a yogurt mess in my beloved Anthropologie bowl with Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, 1 cup of Kashi Mighty Bites, sliced banana, and a good ol’ dollop of PB & Co. DCD peanut butter with milk on the side.
It is NOT a yogurt mess until it is all mixed up 😉Last night at the store I picked up some new cereal, Kashi Mighty Bites! This cereal has a cool shape to it, they are actually little people, kinda cute 😉 The cereal was good and it had a touch of honey crunch. However, I think I still like Honey Sunshine better 😉 My morning snack was a Vanilla Boost and a Fruit & Nut Delight Kind Bar. Then my mom and I were off to the mall to do some shopping 🙂 A great way to start my first day of Easter Break! I must say we did good.

Then we had to come home because I had a therapist appointment with actually a new therapist! This therapist is extremely good that it takes a long time to get an appointment with her, so once I finally did I was more than happy 🙂 I really think she IS the one!!
After my appointment I grabbed a realll late lunch from Subway with my gift card from Christmas. Santa really knows me all too well 😉 I had a six inch turkey on 9-Grain wheat bread with swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes along with Southwestern Ranch Baked Lays, and a jug of milk. Then I went to my sister’s high school lacrosse game. It was the first of the season but they lost!

On the car ride home after the game I snacked on a Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Clif Bar that I left in my car! It was a good thing because I forgot a snack since I thought I was going home before the game. But now I store emergency snacks in my car for times like these! So there was no need to worry.
Dinner tonight was egg-cellent since I was just craving eggs for some reason. I guess it is just because I haven’t had them in awhile so tonight I re-united myself with them. I had two whole eggs cooked in the microwave (only the BEST way!) topped with a piece of american cheese, an english muffin with peanut butter (NOT measured!), a juicy pear, and a glass of milk. Sometimes having breakfast for dinner is just the way to go!Tonight for a snack I am gonna have a milkshakeee! Not chocolate but cookies ‘n cream!Oh yess and I forgot to mention last night I bought some more peanut butter, I really need to stop! Hah. I got PB & Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl! I am not gonna open it until I finish another jar. I just don’t like having too many jars open at once, ya know?! But I can’t wait to try this beauty out!

How was your April Fools Day?!

39 thoughts on “Egg-cellent

  1. MMMM! My family and I do breakfast for dinner every week! And congrats for not measuring your PB- thats still something I struggle with, but it gets easier every day 😀

  2. I think this is the first year there was no fooling done at all by me or anyone I know. Weird. It was still a good day though. Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal is so good. I think it would be hard to beat.

  3. Mmm – make sure to mix up the CRS so you get some raisins…they have a tendency to settle to the bottom! 🙂 Your eats look amazing! and that cookies and cream shakes sounds awesome…I love the candy bar…so I can only imagine the shake is epic!!

  4. Wow!!! Anonymous you really need to get a life!!!Is there anything else you would like to criticize on my blog?!Jennap.s. Just thought I should let ya know that they are not egg beaters FYI. Becase I know you think you are a know it all but I hate to break it to ya, you are farrrrrr from that!

  5. WOW someone is defensive! I was just about to comment about how good Cinnamon Raisin PB is-Jenna, look at how childish your reply sounds! Are you serious? And if they were eggbeaters, who cares-you are quite defensive. Shit. (not the first anon and definitely all set w/ reading this childish stuff)

  6. jenna your come backs are really pathetic. seriously every time you come back at the anons i laugh. you sound like a 12 yr old.obv those are not egg beaters though, anon #1 you should take a closer look.if you actually didn't measure the PB–good job. but it clearly looks like you didn't use much.

  7. silly anonymous…I have to agree, microwaved eggs are the best! unless I want to get my julia child on and flip an omelet. but that almost never goes well 😉

  8. Your dinner look yummy! I love breakfast for dinner. It's the best for sure. How do you cook your eggs in the microwave though? I tried it once and they were kind of rubbery… I probably did something wrong hahaThanks!Sarah

  9. Hi Jenna 🙂 I've been reading your blog for a few days now and decided I'd finally comment! I must say I love your breakfasts – I am going to have to try and make my own "yogurt mess" one of these days. And yay for getting to see that new therapist! I hope it works out for you 🙂

  10. Yummy food! :)Im glad you enjoyedd it ^^is there a clif bar that you havent liked?which is your fave? Im totally dying to try one but I want to make it EXTRA special :)jennie

  11. and um anon…when you put eggs in the microwave, (real eggs) they turn out like that. the eggbeaters (i know because we have a couple cartons at home) fluff u MAJORLY instead of looking like that.

  12. What, eggs in the microwave?Could you please tell how you do that? haha, sounds like a fast way to cook some egg :)My father fooled me- like every year ;p Gah, have to be more aware.

  13. Hey girl sounds like you are having fun at home!! Shopping trips and softball games..Oh and no need to worry, pb doesn't go bad! Go ahead and open that jar ;)!

  14. Omg! Since a bunch of you have never heard of cooking eggs in the micro I will explain how to cook them in my next post!It is seriously the best way to cook them and the key ingredient is milk 😉

  15. Anon #6- and why wouldn't I be defensive when someone is posted anonymous telling me that my dinner looks like egg beaters when they are clearly not!They are just accusing me for no good reason and saying I used egg beaters just because they have less calories- like honestly get a life!And I don't think I am being childish but just rather defensive. This is MY blog! And to me I think it is pretty childish of you not to have the audacity to post your real name and you have to post under anon!!

  16. Anon #7- I am glad you get a kick out of my "childish comebacks" but I am sticking up for myself and being defensive because this is MY blog!!I just don't think anon commentors who post anon because they don't have the audacity to post their real name should stop accusing me of false accusations!!

  17. Jenna, what's the point of having a blog? to keep you accountable of your eats? So, having someone comment (in a very nonoffensive way) "are those eggbeaters?" is there to help you. You can simply respond "No, they are full real eggs and I am proud of myself". No need to yell or tell anyone to "get a life", people are simply trying to HELP you and keep you accountable of your eats. If you somehow do get so extremely offended by someone's comment, you dont have to post the comment! You can moderate if you really feel so strongly!

  18. I'm sorry Erin but I totally have to disagree with what you think!I don't think their anonmyous posting of "those look like egg beaters" was to keep me accountable at all!This person was clearly trying to make me look like a failure in my recovery trying to tell everyone that I didn't use real eggs and that I use egg beaters because they have fewer calories!This person definitely did not have the intentions of trying to help me at all- they were just trying a way to put me down and this is my blog and I must be defensive!And I clearly stated in my post that I used two whole eggs with cheese! So they really didn't have to post anything about egg beaters!

  19. once again im really sorry about that comment. shouldnt have said anything. seriously there are more important things to do and think about ( you and me BOTH) i was dumb…lets move on!

  20. Anon #30- Jenna can't move on, she's too immature. She repeats… "This is MY blog" If all she wants is nice, go along with comments, then she shouldn't have a comment section. As long as everyone is posting Rah Rah Jenna, she's good, but as soon as someone says something she doesn't like, it's "Get a life"! Maybe she needs to get one.

  21. Anon 31- ohh I can move on, believe me! Can you is the question?You right this is my blog and I am proud of it :)yea of course I like good comments that are left on my blog, of course who wouldn't?!And I really don't mind when people leve anon comments giving me advice, constructive criticism, or help but what I really can't stand is when people who accuse me of things I didn't do an assume stuff about me. They have no right!

  22. People have every right to assume whatever they want about you. You are putting yourself out in public and so by human nature people will pass judgments and assume what they will.I think the better question is why do you care so much what people think about you? Why do you care if some anonymous person in some distant land thinks you ate eggbeaters for dinner?I don't know if you can answer that question but I think, especially as you're going through recovery, you need to reflect on caring about what peoples opinions of you are.

  23. Because they are trying to make me look like a failure in my recovery and they Re trying to find flaws in everything I eat becuase they think eveything I do is wrong!! That's why

  24. Oh my gosh! Geeze anons-just leave her alone! This is her own personal blog! Recovering from an eating disorder is HARD WORK, and I think its very brave of Jenna to open up about her experiences. No food is ever "wrong" to eat, and nagging her about what she does/doesn't eat is pointless!

  25. I don't want to "beat a dead horse" (ugh hate that saying) but I think this is important for you to look at. The response you gave in 34 were things that make you care what people think about you. But you need to look at WHY you care what people think about you. You can have people running around thinking that you're a failure and in denial and not healthy etc. but what matters is what YOU think. No one else's opinion matter, at all. You need to recover for yourself and ignore the feedback from others. You need to eat a fear food for YOURSELF not for the "way to go girl!" comments.

  26. Um I love LOVE cinnamon rasin swirl! it's so so good.although DCD is amazing also!just wanted to say, I think that you are making good progress. Not that it matters what I think,or that it's not difficult, but good for you! I can see progress!

  27. Open it!!! I have a whole cupboard full of opened Nut Butters.. Cashew, Pb & chocolate, white chocolate, cinnamon swirl, regular PB, Almond Butter haha it's a Nut Butter Partay!

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