My milkshake brings all the boys to yard

Ok tell me when ever you here “The Milkshake song” you always think of the movie Mean Girls?! Because I certainly do!

You are probably wondering why I am talking about the milkshake song and Mean Girls and I will tell you why because last night for a snack instead of having a Boost I had something different…a Creamy Chocolate MILKSHAKE! Hollah. I was quite hesitant before drinking this because it was a milkshake and all so I knew it was going to be thicker and creamier than a Boost. But I challenged myself and I did it, I drank the milkshake and it was yummayyy πŸ™‚

And guess what? The best part was this morning when I woke up I was still the same person and nothing happened to me!

For breakfast I had a yogurt mess of Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, 1 cup Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Toasted Oats and a sliced banana with Crazy Richard’s creamy peanut butter on top and milk on the side.

Then after enjoying breaky I still had lots of time until my one and only 11:30 English class of the day. Love having only one class on Fridays! So I lounged around the room and got ready for the day. But before I left for class I had this Red Machine Naked Juice (new to me) and a Fruit & Nut Delight Kind bar.After class I debating on whether or not to go home for the weekend and of course I decided to go home πŸ˜‰After one hour of driving I was home sweet home! I was pretty hungry for lunch since it was nearly 2:30. I grabbed lunch at the dining hall before I left, smart thinkin’ on my part. So when I got home all I had to do was plate it up and eat! I had a turkey & swiss whole wheat wrap, pretzels, an apple, and a glass of milk. Didn’t this picture come out really well?! At least I think so, it must have been from all the beautiful natural sunlight πŸ™‚

Then less than two hours later I was already having my afternoon snack. I sometimes feel like all I do is eat, eat, eat but it is what I HAVE to do right now.

This was my first time having a Balance Bar ever and let me tell you it did not dissapoint. This afternoon I tried the Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch bar a.k.a. Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie in a healthy bar form! What’s not to love about it? This bar was simply ahh-mazing. I loved the chocolate mint flavor and especially the cookie crunch it had to it! I will definitely be having this flavor again and can’t wait to try the other flavors as well.

Tonight for dinner my middle sister and I went to Panera Bread and of course I ordered the BBQ Chopped Chicken salad with a french baguette on the side. Absolutely love this salad! Although next time I wanna try the Mediterranean Salmon salad!

So there ya have it, all my eats from today! I am now spending time with the fam tonight and then later gonna have a snackie before bed. Ahh can’t wait to sleep in my own bed! Whoo. Since I haven’t been sleeping well at school I am hoping to get a good nights sleep tonight and ready to take on tomorrow!

I am not sure what exactly is up for tomorrow but I am thinking a trip to the mall is definitely in order. Now that this lovely spring time weather is around I am getting so excited πŸ™‚ I gotta enjoy it while it lasts! Oh yeah and I can’t wait til tomorrow because it it supposed to be in the 70’s and it is also the first day of spring πŸ™‚

Enjoy your last night of winter!



7 thoughts on “My milkshake brings all the boys to yard

  1. It seems like you are really pushing yourself! Keep going! It will be hard until one day you realize it isn't so hard anymore! Remember, you aren't doing it to please us, but to ensure a future for yourself! YOU CAN! YOU WILL!

  2. love the changes… did you like the red machine? i am in love with the green machine Naked! You are making me want to try that balance bar next time I go bar shopping… good description!Have fun at home!

  3. ohh chocolate milk sounds so good right now! i will have to try the chocolate greek yogurt, i've been experimenting with different flavors. i'm glad you enjoyed your dinner and meals tonight! that is so very important, almost as important as what you actually eat (at least that is what i think!)ps enjoy our spring! it is supposed to snow here on sunday! sad! sad!

  4. I am so proud of you for saying "I woke up and nothing happened and I was the same person"!!!! I remember saying the same things myself…and next time you go to Panera, the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (no mayo) is my favorite! I have to get it w/o pecans though:( boo.

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