The Price of Beauty

Good Evening! Boy has the weather taken a turn for the better. It was absolutely b-e-a-utiful out today 🙂 Buh bye rain and hello sunshine!

Last night I watched the first episode of Jessica Simpson’s new tv show, The Price of Beauty and I really enjoyed it! She travels with her two friends to different countries to see what it means to be beautiful in their country! It was very inspiring and I think you should all watch it 😉

Did anyone else watch it?!

This morning for breaky I had my usual yogurt mess with Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, 1 cup Kashi Honey Sunshine, and a sliced banana with creamy Crazy Richard’s peanut butter drizzled on top and milk on the side.I love how creamy Crazy Richard’s pb is 🙂It’s not a yogurt mess without it all mixed up!Morning snack was a Power-C Machine Naked Juice and a Kashi TLC Trail Mix bar.Today for lunch I switched it up and did NOT have my usual turkey wrap, pretzels, apple, and milk! I was feeling really good today and I was willing to challenge myself so I got the chicken caesar salad with a pita and pretzels on the side with milk. This salad did have real caesar dressing on it with croutons and parmesan cheese!I used the pita to make a lil casear pocket as well. The insides of the pita.

For the past few nights I just can’t fall asleep at night :/ I dunno what’s up. I think it has a lot to do with the daylight savings though but I guess I am just so excited for the next day to start so I can conquer the day 🙂 Anyways I took a quick lil cat nap this afternoon to catch up on some z’s and then when I awoke I had my afternoon snack even though I knew I would be going to dinner in about an hour. But none the less I ate my Clif Bar despite how much ED was telling me not to!

Dinner tonight was not the usual chicken, plain veggies, and roll with milk. I kind of mixed things up a lil bit. I had a piece of broiled chicken, glazed tri-colored carrots, potatoes lyonnaise, and a Harvest oat dinner roll with milk.

Although I still did have chicken, veggies and a roll, I did not just have a roll with plain veggies. I had these glazed carrots which are now my favorite and I tried the potatoes lyonnaise. Never had them ever before but I was willing to give them a try and they were delicious! They were just sliced potatoes cooked with onions mixed in. Along with that I also had a dinner roll and milk on the side. So tonight I added another grain to my dinner roll which I should be doing anyways!! I know my mom would be proud if she reads this tonight 😉

So today I switched up my lunch and added another grain to dinner. Two changes in the right direction in recovery. Although I know some of you may not think those are HUGE changes, but to me I think I made great progress!

Well I am off the shower and then get some homework done before The Biggest Loser and Teen Mom tonight. Love Tuesday tv nights. And don’t worry I will be drinking my Boost as an evening snack sometime in there as well 😉

39 thoughts on “The Price of Beauty

  1. Your meals look so yummy today, good job with the challenge!The weather was beautiful here today as well!I just came across your blog a couple weeks ago and I have really been enjoying it. Very inspiring 🙂

  2. I missed Jessica Simpsons new show, but love the premise of it- Discovering what BEAUTIFUL is all over the world. GREAT IDEA. Our country is so superficial and I truly believe is causes so many problems. Beauty is within homeys! :)~Christie

  3. I'm so happy you took some advice to heart and really tried your best – just remember, you aren't only in this to please others, you are in this for yourself, your life, happiness and health – keep this up and you'll find that you're putting smiles back on not only other peoples faces, but yours as well.Always here for you girl. Keep up with the challenges, it only gets better from here – and the grass is so much greener on the other side. Plus, who wants to live eating the same stuff everyday?! 😉

  4. Jenna, good for you for branching out and trying something new! I know it's probably scary but also liberating somewhat too, right? i mean trying new things and realizing that hey, it fits my MP… hey, it doesn't kill me and maybe I liked it, maybe not… anyway keep it up girl, we are ll rooting for you!

  5. Awesome stuff sweetie! I know how hard it can be to try new things and mix up your daily eats but it is so worth it, you're opening up a whole world of possibilities, spontaneity and freedom for yourself…You should be really proud of yourself.Love xoxo

  6. Your Mom does read your blog? Hmmm. I wonder if she's one of the Anons? That would make sense.You should encourage her to post as herself.I think we would all love to see her take on all this. That would be interesting.As for your meals… (Please don't read this in a mean tone) they still look like foods someone on a diet, trying to LOSE weight would eat. I'm sorry Jenna, but that's the way I see it. You are not taking nearly enough calories in to gain any substantial weight. You are simply maintaining your weight. That's why you are recovering so slowly. I think your turkey wrap has more calories than your ceaser salad. You are going backwards. And that grilled chicken? That's really getting old, as is your breakfast (yogart messes) It's the same old, same old constantly. What about some beef? Do you not eat beef? How about pork? Today is St. Patty's Day… how about some corned beef & cabbage & potatoes??? It some REAL food. I don't know who your nutritionist is, but maybe you could look into getting a new one? Your meal plan simply doesn't make any sense to me. Please don't take this as being mean, I am just trying to help with constructive comments.

  7. Awesome job Jenna, it's awesome you switched so many things up today!! Keep up the good work, and remember to get the same amount (or more!) calories when switching up those meals. Way to go girl!!

  8. Ohh, this made me happy! You challenged yourself, faced your fears, and won 🙂 Feel proud, and keep it up! As Shelley said : let tomorrow be even better :)How about eating some nuts or dried fruits together with your evening- Boost?Your body will only thank you. Best wishes,Hedda 🙂

  9. I bet you that you have some of the same fears that I did! What are your feelings on pancakes? They USED to scare the shittt out of me! I challenge you to try some for a meal.. just think of them as a starch/grain. I am still a tad scared of maple syrup ( a year later.. i know..) so I like to put PB & greek yogurt on it! (I think you would like it too!) maybe instead of a yogurt mess?! orr have breakfast for dinner!

  10. your yogurt messes TAKE. THE. CAKE.and i remember why i never read your comments section. it makes me want to punch babies. people can be are doing fab. keep up the good work, mama! xo

  11. katey- i haven't had pancakes since before ED and they are still one of my fear foods. but you are right, they are just like a grain and i could top it with some yog, bananas, and pb! I will keep that in mind one morning for breaky :)Jenna

  12. Way to go Jenna! You should be proud of yourself!I do agree with Hedda, why not have something with your evening Boost? I think it would really help!

  13. This is my first time commenting on this blog, but I have been following it for awhile as well as the comment sections. Rachel- your comment comes off as demeaning and pretentious. Though you insist Jenna eat something like pork or beef, have you ever thought about what she likes? While chicken may eaten daily, I think people need to acknowledge the small steps that are taken daily. By constantly expressing your personal distaste for Jenna, you don't come off as caring, but just plain rude. Whether or not Jenna's mom reads this blog or wishes to comment is something really seems to be none of your business. Considering you probably don't Jenna and her mom, I think its best if their relationship is kept between them.

  14. Jenna! I know this is not REALLY pancakes… like homemade, but buy the frozen aunt jemima kind then you can fit them into your meal plan!!! its a small step.. and maybe one day you can work up to eat the REAL thing!

  15. Anon 33-thank for the comment! you are right-i am not actually a huge fan of beef and i like chicken, turkey, and ham much more!and the relationship with my mom is private and i agree is none of my readers' business!Jenna

  16. Anon 23 & 33… You two aren't helping Jenna.You have no idea what I have gone through in my life. I DO know what is best regarding this matter. DENIAL is the word of the day.

  17. Is it possible for Jenna to post anonomously on her own blog to support herself?And Jenna, I question the brief mention of your mom reading your blog in your post. You've never directly addressed the issue but tried to briefly make a side comment about it to sway negative readers who commented that your mother should know about your blog. And I don't buy the "I want a private relationship" comment considering the previous mother/daughter stories on your blog. I know I'm accusing you of some things and if I'm wrong, then just ignore me. But if these accusations are wrong, get some help. This is not the way to live a happy life. Don't you want to be happy? Why fight it?

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