Lose one hour

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend has been treatin’ ya well πŸ™‚ Up here in the Northeast we are getting ready for some rain, rain, and more rain. Boo!

Last night I was being rather boring and settled for a usual “Jenna” dinner but it definitely hit the spot and met my meal plan so I can’t complain πŸ˜‰ I hate a late dinner tonight so I ended up taking it back to my room but EVERY night I do eat at the dining hall with the girls πŸ™‚
Since it is Lent Friday I had a nice sized portion of Salmon, mixed veggies, and a harvest roll with a big unpictured glass of milk to wash it all down. It was a great dinner.

Before I went out last night I made sure to have my evening snack which was a Boost. I could drink it once I get back later in the night but I decided it would be best just to get it out of the way and to make sure I had it! I had a really fun time last night with the girls even though I didn’t stay out that late. Who knows where the night will bring us tonight but all I know is we lose one hour of sleep…BOO!

Don’t forget to turn your clocks one hour ahead tonight!

I didn’t take any pictures of my eats today, I was doing homework all day 😦 I know I am a bad blogger but I ate the usual, so I don’t need to bore you with the usual yogurt messes and turkey sammies…but just for today πŸ˜‰ Now just because I didn’t post pictures of my eats today DOES NOT mean I didn’t eat anything today. I mean let’s be real. I just wanted to make that clear because I know some of you (especially anon commentors) assume that.

43 thoughts on “Lose one hour

  1. jenna,why aren't you responding to any of the comments made on your posts EVER? not even the anonymous ones, but other bloggers are telling you to get your S*&% together. You're so fake.

  2. Why don't you write a post addressing the real issues, the things we are all mentioning to you. It's rather insulting in a sense to constantly try and help you by giving you feedback only to not only have it fall on deaf ears but to be so blatantly ignored. You get a lot of anon comments that are very valid. I'm sorry but I don't buy for a second that you ate salmon, but kudos if you did. I don't really understand the point of your blog at this point. You aren't accepting advice, or even acknowledging it-and…well ,thats kind of what this community is all about. think about it. I agree w/ an anon comment from yesterday or the day before that you seem to be following the same pattern you did before christmas. It's sad. I hope you can get the help you need. do you drink when you go out w/ your friends? not relative really I know but just was wondering. well have a good night and hope you will think about things.

  3. anon 3- i read EVERY single one of my commentors blog and take them all into consideration. you all offer so much great advice and i appreciate it all :)and i was just wondering why you don't believe i didn't eat that salmon for dinner?! i LOVE salmon!Jenna

  4. It's funny how anon 2 and 3 are so similar-I was going to write the same thing. Perhaps you should think about the fact that people, anon and other bloggers (and just because someone posts an anon comment doesn't mean they aren't a blogger), are frustrated and trying to support you and you do seem to just brush things off. Own what is going on. I think what was meant by the remark about the salmon was, well you don't change things up at all, it's clear you are struggling, and you post like it was just a normal dinner. I hope it felt like just a normal dinner but chances are it was either a struggle, or it didn't happen, or your other eats didn't happen today. Just, as one of the anon commenters said, it is going from history. This is coming from concern not as a put down-I think from all of us.

  5. im sorry jenna about everything! i am worried about you though, honestly, out of pure love for you.have a great night lovely!! yay!! AHH hate losing one night of sleep 😦 but atleast the day are longer!

  6. hi jenna, happy rainy saturday night in Mass isnt it? i love the way your dinner looks i havent made salmon in FOREVER!!! sooooooo anons?!?!?! sheesh- get your own lives, i could go on and on and on about this, but i dont want to waste my breath .. its TEDIOUS taking pictures of everything you eat everyday – i cant do it myself- we cant expect everyone else to do the same…anyway, i think you are doing great : ) screw those people!!

  7. I have to say, the anons aren't saying anything mean-its concern and posting as anon doesn't mean you don't know them. I think people should realize that. But Jenna this is all up to you. Have a good night and hopefully you can get things on track. -Julie

  8. You are fake because – you are not addressing your problemyou respond to anons with pathetically false enthusiasmyou haven't changed S*&% about your eatsthe comments you leave on other blogs are just for publicity of your blog, you NEVER say anything constructive towards what people have written. "great eats!" and "cute outfit girlie!"i worry for every girl that reads your blog that has an eating disorder. you act like you are recovered when really your deep within your eating disordershall i go on? or is that enough.

  9. Yuck on losing an hour of sleep… hate that!And girl, I generally stay out of stuff like this but I have to say that I think the "anon" commenters is just one person being extremely rude. I do think you are trying Jenna, really hard. And I think you have made progress!!! Don't slip into your old ways, stay strong and fight!!! Prove this anon person wrong girl!Love you dearly!!!

  10. Please address these comments you are getting and at least admit you are struggling. It is painful to read, but you seem like such a nice girl and have a lot of people pulling for you. Just be honest! Please!

  11. I think that everyone is missing the point here. Regardless of whether the entire dinner was consumed or not, even IF the entire dinner was consumed, it only amounts to 250 – 300 calories. There is no way that this dinner would be part of a meal plan developed by a reputable nutritionist to aide an anorexic patient in recovery.

  12. Wow… I'm sorry Jenna, but anon 13 really hiot the nail on the head and to Jessica-I can say I'm one of the anons, tonight at least. Jenna, anon 13 might not have 'sugar coated' things for you but that is basically I think how many people feel-to a tee. I wonder if anyone will back me up on this one. If you read it you will see it is again from concern and frustration-and accuracy. Or maybe you won't see it that way. I'm about done with trying to help and there's a reason I am posting as an anon-maybe think about why you get so many anon comments. Anyway, you should be out having fun on a Saturday night, not commenting on your blog. you've missed what everyone is saying to you, you get defensive and you don't see what is… I give up.

  13. Anon 13 is dead on. Sorry Jenna, but read it and really think about it. That person wasn't bashing your blog, this is clearly someone who has some connection with you and cares about recovery and is frustrated with trying to help you and worried about others-and I have to agree with everything they said. Maybe you will read it or a friend of yours will open your eyes to it. Thank you anon 13 for speaking up.

  14. I am really sorry that you are being attacked by these anonymous readers, but I am really concerned about you and I am also in recovery and I have done the same things that you have and seeing that you are going back to the eats you had before christmas is really worrying!! I do not want to see you go back in the wrong direction. I also dont want to tell you what to do, but I would advise you to get treatment because I know all to well that it is TOOO hard to gain weight on your own and if you can do it great, but I am really worried that you want be able to and you will lose more years of your life with this disease!! 😦

  15. Your dorms have much prettier food that mine ever had! Happy Spring Forward! It is POURING here today, too–bad idea to go to an outdoor mall!

  16. Jenna,Please don't take constructive comments as being negative.All those anons are just trying to help you.Don't dismiss what they are telling you.The meals you are eating looks like food someone trying to LOSE weight would eat. It looks like DIET food.I'm sorry, but you need some REAL calories.I'm afraid you're going to be sent home from school again.Don't you want to graduate with your class???You can do this. Please try.

  17. Jenna, I'm so annoyed by the rude comments you are getting here. I don't know whether you are struggling or not but people making insulting remarks such as that you are fake and dishonest certainly doesn't help things, and particularly not so if you are having a hard time at the minute. Some of your readers seem to feel a sense of entitlement demanding that you 'tell the truth' and 'admit' but who are they to say that. You owe us nothing! Please don't be made to feel like you have to defend or explain yourself. Blogging should be something fun that you enjoy and you shouldn't have to spend your time defending your most recent post. If you did want to be someone else when you're blogging and see it as an escape (not that I'm saying you are) you should be completely free to do so! Anyway, in terms of your recovery, you know inside whats right for you and I know you're strong enough to carry on along the path to health. I'm really wishing you all the best,Cat. xx

  18. Jenna,I'm not going to post as anonymous because you already know I'm concerned, and I won't hide it on here – you know you can always reach out to me, and so many other people for help, but I feel like when you do, and we give you advice, it just goes in one ear and out the other. I'm sorry, but it's true, you need some help, girly. I'm saying this because I am worried, and I KNOW I am NOT the only one. I'm on vacation in Myrtle Beach right now and I think about you constantly because I'm so afraid for you, and your life; I don't think you understand the seriousness of anorexia. Please, please do something, don't reach out for help then push the hand away that reaches back.Thinking of you.Meg

  19. It just doesn't look like enough food. Period. You can see this as being critical or hopefully eye-opening. While in recovery from anorexia, it is crucial to challenge your eating disorder. Yopu have got to start taking more risks with food. Maybe you could work with your nutritionist (who hopefully does know about EDs) on setting up challenge meals or snacks. Some of your meals really do look like something that someone on a diet would eat. You are trying to gain!

  20. Hi my name is Kelly, I'm only posting anon simply because I don't have a blog…but all I have to say is, maybe you are turned off by the fact that some anons aren't posting in the "nicest"…but please jenna read between the lines and see that they are posting the TRUTH…and you know what, if they're all wrong, and you are gaining weight.. SHOW THEM.prove them wrong. just add a little more here and there? what't the worst that can happen? you gain weight?think about it<3

  21. Cat & to everyone else defending jenna and speaking against the anonymous commenters- you guys have no clue what is going on with Jenna & how serious this is. I am particularly offended that you all think it is ok for her to continue like this because I lost a friend to an eating disorder and would HATE to lose another. Jenna, you know I care so much about you, but I have to say that I am truly worried and hope you consider everything goin going and the concern of so many people who are in your lives that care about you ❀

  22. I am fairly new to your blog and maybe I need to know more of your backstory but I honestly dont't see anything wrong with your eats. I am so sorry that you have to get these comments.Good Luck Chickie!

  23. Jenna, all this criticism is really dead on. I don't know how you can just ignore it and continue on with your same old ways. Go to the dining hall for breakfast and get some eggs and has browns and toast!! Seriously! We would all love to see that. For lunch, get whatever is being served in your dining hall, like pasta or something. Also, how about a brownie, or cookie, or ice cream?! PLEASE Jenna. You are going to lose this battle pretty soon. I am about to propose to have everyone call your school and voice their concern for you. Maybe they will listen to us! You need to get out of there!

  24. I must agree with Shelley and the other who are reacting because they care about you and want you to recover.I have struggled with anorexia for three years, and it is HARD. From reading your blog it seems like we are somehow at the same place on the road to recovery. Still afraid to take a little bit more food, we know that it will only do us good, make us healthier quicker, but it is still so difficult, so scary.I really hope that you have someone to talk to and help you, and that you keep on fighting.I know you can get well, and we both know that eating more food with more calories is one of the most important "medicines".Hedda, Norway

  25. I don't have a blog or an eating disorder, just a foodie who stumbled across the blog. I took interest in learning about the mindset of a person struggling with anorexia, and I don't have to be an expert to tell you're in denial. Also, if the purpose of this blog was to help with recovery when you're not taking anyone's advice, then ultimately it serves as a way to get attention-both negative and positive.

  26. To all- I read all of your comments and I do really listen to what you have to say whether you believe me or not! I know none of you are trying to be mean, you are just saying it how it is- constructive criticism! I am not bashing any of you. I just get frustrated when some anon commentors leave rude comments!Seriously, I thank all of you who are concerned with me! I am doing the best I can right now and no one said recovery was ever easy!!

  27. no jenna, it's not easy…but just because it's not easy doesn't mean you shouldn't recover.there are millions of people with terminal illnesses who pray to god everyday that they wake up after they go to sleep…yet you sit here… throwing your life away.

  28. No one said it was easy but you aren't doing what you need in order to save your life and to make recovery a little easier-which is so obviously that you need more support. I agree with Meg and Shelley that everything we are saying is going in one ear and out the other. I've lost a friend to ed also and it is brutal and not something I want anyone to ever experience. I don't think you realize how serious this is. I hope you do before you are in a situation that is, well I hope you do. To "new" readers who don't know the "back history" of Jenna's blog if you see a bunch of us supporting her or telling her that her "eats" aren't enough, or that we are concerned about patterns we are seeing-don't post that just because you don't know the history you think her eats are ok. Don't post anything. I think a HUGE problem is Jenna, you are getting support from those of us who are in recovery, working at recovery and who have been through the hell of anorexia and you are also getting support from people who are living in the thros of their eating disorder. so you have many of us scared for you and many thinking what you are doing is fine, or even commendable. Please listen to what you know you need to listen to. Katie

  29. To anon 37, An eating disorder isn't easy to recover from, though it is possible, it is a hard thing to do-I'm not saying Jenna is doing everything in her power to take the steps to "get better" but you can't say she's throwing her life away. I personally know that living with anorexia, or an eating disorder is hell and I think any of us who have been there, or are there, would gladly pray to wake up free from the disorder. That being said, Jenna I hope you will heed the advice of so many people who really seem to care about you. Take the steps you need. Maybe talk to your mom.Be well. Shari

  30. Jenna, I just don't understand how you can sit there and claim everything is okay when so many people are expressing such concern about you…what purpose does this blog serve, if you continue to ignore all the feedback and post pictures of the same exact food every day? Do your parents know about your blog? If they saw these comments, they might get the wake up call they need to get you in IP, because clearly everything we say goes in one ear and out the other.

  31. Jenna,I want to know how you are doing. You are getting a lot of GOOD criticism here on the blog. I understand that it might be really hard to hear. I just hope you are doing okay. Please keep us updated and TALK to us about your struggles. I think you will find that if you are honest, you will get much more SUPPORT rather than criticism because you won't be acting so naiive. Talk to us, Jenna!

  32. I agree with Anon #40. Keep talking and letting your struggles out. Some of the comments are really harsh and no one deserves to be treated like that. I really do hope you are ok and hopefully you can get to the real issue that causes you to cling to your disorder. The food is only a mask for what is really bringing you down. Just push, push, push and keep up the awareness!Mary

  33. Jenna, I want to second what anon 40 said-we're here for you, hoping you will get the help you need but also know that everything thats being said is out of concern and caring. I've been there, I know how hard it is, and I cant imagine having a bunch of people I don't know giving me feedback but thats what having a blog like this is about. People care and know whats going on. I pray for you. love, Sarah

  34. yes sarah! i totally agree with you and realize that you are all just extremely concerned with me and want the best for me and i really appreciate it :)Jenna

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