DCD & strawberries

Happy Friday lovies! The weekend is finally here. But I must say this week really flew by 🙂

Now some may ask what could possibly be any better than chocolate covered strawberries? Well I will tell you!
Yes, that would be a yogurt mess with strawberries and PB & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams! That is what is better than chocolate covered strawberries 😉 They both go so well together, they are a match made in heaven!
My yogurt mess this morning was a lil different. I know it is not a HUGE change but it was something! I had Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, and sliced strawberries topped with a dollop of DCD.
All mixed up…aka Heaven in a bowl! If you have DCD peanut butter I really recommend trying it with strawberries. It will not disappoint! Mmmm 🙂

Well chicas I am ready to hop in the shower and then I am going out with the girls tonight for a fun night ;



27 thoughts on “DCD & strawberries

  1. If you're going to mix up your eats, at least make sure you're getting the same amount of food. Strawberries have way fewer calories than bananas, and I'm assuming you didn't compensate with more cereal or PB.

  2. wow anon #1 is kinda a haterrrr!!ok i really need to try this DCD now! i forgot all about chocolate + strawberries! love that combo! i imagine it tastes like reeses?

  3. That looks like a small amount of cereal and peanut butter, and I agree strawberries are less then bananas. And Jenna, you aren't posting your other eats. I'm not saying this to be a bitch, or to put you down but rather this is the pattern that happens-you stop posting what you're eating, because you probably aren't eating-and thats ok, well its not ok because we all want you to be well, but this is a red flag that you are struggling. I honestly thought you went back to school too soon but thats not my place to say. Also, I agree with Shelly that looking at your FB pictures from awhile ago-GORGEOUS. VIBRANT. FULL of LIFE. HAPPY. and thats not the girl I hear now. It's ok-we've been there. I've been there and still have my days, but try and trust some of us who are telling you that there is so much more. The semester is almost over so please think about treatment this summer. For YOU not for anyone else.

  4. Yum yum! That brekkie looks awesome- chocolatey strawberry, cereal mess= heaven! (I'm heading home in like an hour for the vacation and I have a jar of ddd there- you just reminded me, yay :))Have a great night with the friends chicka.xxxxxx

  5. Jenna, I'm really sorry so many "anons" are so harsh in their criticisms of you, but I think you really need to consider why you're receiving comments like these. Yes, all of us bloggers are subject to haters, but every time you post, it's a flurry of negativity. It sucks, and oftentimes it's not nice, but you're getting them because it's clear you're not on the path to true recovery. Notice that a lot of the readers who express concern are girls who are much farther along in recovery than you. All these little switches, like strawberries for bananas, are really just bandaids for bullet wounds. Yes, it's tough to deal with this in college, but it's apparent you're making no effort to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. There's a huge difference between battling ED in eating a cheeseburger, and battling ED in eating a new cereal. Please think about whether school is the best place for you right now!

  6. jenna, have you had the go lean crunch cereals? i've been eating the reg go lean cereal.. (like the one you've been eating). i'm kinda getting tired of it haha..but i'm hesitant to try something new…so just wondering if you'd recommend it! :)oh and i lovee your blog. you are inspirational, girl!

  7. anon 13-thank you for the nice comments on my FB pics. they are always motivation to get healthy again because when i look at them i know i was having such a great life 🙂 I want to have that life back again!Jenna

  8. ann- to me, DCD really does not taste like peanut butter a lot, i mean it kinda does since it reminds me of a reeses pb cup! but more choocolatey then peanut buttery ;)Defs gotta try it!Jenna

  9. oyyyyyyyyy… man, ok i gotta tell you, i dont think it really matters if you switch up strawberries for bananas once in a while- you can always make up for it later in the day- you know, extra helping of veggies or another piece of fruit if you are that worried about the 65 extra calories… what is up with anon commenters picking apart everything you do and eat. do people not realize this is how we head into ED related behaviors by over analyzing every single morsel of food over and over again. so jenna, get in all your calories, whether you do it at breakfast, or get to have a snack before bed to get them all in, its not up to us to decide when you get to eat or not. sorry.. i get fired up over obnoxious folks!

  10. Jenna, I love you and I have to say it really bugs me when people come over here with these anonymous comments like "You're not eating enough!!" – and then I see how well you react. It's total BS to me – everyone's journey is different and what ISN'T helpful is anonymous internet freaks pretending they know what's best for people they probably don't even know. I'm sorry you're the target of so so so much negativity – it really can't be easy and the fact that you still strive to post knowing that you'll be subjecting yourself to such criticism makes you so brave. I really wish I could be that.

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