PB jealousy

Happy Thursday! Thank you for all your comments yesterday on my post. I am not going to let that one day bring me down. I am going to keep moving forward in my recovery!

This post is gonna be short and sweet tonight!

Breakfast was a yogurt mess (obvs) with Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, Kashi Go Lean, a sliced banana, and some creamy Crazy Richard’s peanut butter on top with a glass of milk on the side.Nice pb lovin’ on top. I have a total of FIVE different peanut butters on my shelf and I think they are getting a lil jealous I am not using them up too! So I am gonna start switching it up with the pb πŸ˜‰Mid-morning snackie was a Strawberry Boost and a Kashi TLC Trail Mix bar.Lunch was eaten on the go today since I had a meeting with my academic advisor to schedule my classes for next year already! Can you believe it? It seems so early!

Lunch was a turkey & swiss whole wheat wrap, pretzels, an orange, and milk.

Well yeah I know it was a rather boring post but that’s all I got for ya on this Thursday night!

Any fun plans tonight?!

I am layin’ low tonight, gonna finish up some homework and then probs watch American Idol and Houswevies πŸ™‚ I really enjoy AI when it gets down to the good singers!


23 thoughts on “PB jealousy

  1. My fun plans tonight: SLEEPING! Gotta rest up before the weekend :)just wondering- have you thought of switching up your food a little more…i mean besides brands of PBs etc because it seems like you have the same lunches every day. I think you should challenge yourself to a different lunch perhaps and go out and experiment other foods- it's not only tasty but will help you in your recovery

  2. i hope you get to do something fun this weekened girl!!!i am hanging out w. my fam tonight! because at school i am going NON stop!! but i LOVE IT!! i am living life and loving it!

  3. Gee, what a shock! Another yogurt mess..why do you even post pics when it's the same damn thing everyday! You will never overcome our ED if you don't start making some changes in your eating. You are literally staring yourself! You are definately not getting enough calories in a day. see k some help please.

  4. Oh girl, your yogurt messes are the BOMB!!!! I loooove a good yogurt mess. And I have upwards of 8-9 open jars of nut butter so yeah.. it's all good :)Keep up the good work my dear! And don't listen to any negative comments or feedback, you do NOT need that in your life. There's a difference between constructive criticism and negativity.. you know?My plans – reading blogs. Haha fun times here!

  5. i dare you to slowly add in something new girl! be it something to a meal or a different item! looks good as always hope you had a good day picking out new classes, etc..!

  6. i know how has the school year gone by so quickly!? i think it's because we have so much work!my spring break started today! but i am lame, therefore home and watching gossip girl from monday πŸ™‚

  7. I"m in love with peanut butter too!What's your favorite kind?Keep pushing through! You should be proud that you can recognize ED's voice – it shows a lot of progress! :)peace.love.em

  8. ??? suppose you start dating, and your bf invites you to his house to meet his parents and have lunch with them. will you ask them to give you a turkey and swiss sandwich cuz you don't eat nothing else?

  9. jenna, hun, i know it is hard in college but itwouldn't kill you to step out of your comfort zone a little bit. I struggle with it too because it is so easy to go to the things you know fit your meal plan, but you know you can change it up! there is nothing to be afraid of. by not ever eating new things, you are simply feeding your eat disorder more fuel to dictate your life. you can do this, please remember that you will be so much happier recovered. I was looking at old pictures of you on facebook and was amazed by how beautiful you looked in them! you never had to lose a pound. i'm here for oyu ❀

  10. I am so sad for you, Jenna. Your life just seems so sad. How are you ever going to date and be social? Please try to get further help. Seriously. You don't seem like you are headed toward recovery in any way.Ashley

  11. Glad you are feeling better πŸ™‚ And your eats does look delicious, haha, how I envy your breakfasts! ;PI was just wondering if you perhaps should actually try to challenge yourself a bit, maybe with some chocolate in the evening etc?It might be a small change, but hey, small changes can lead to big ones :)Anyway, hope you have a great weekend!( btw : going to try a new Clif bar tomorrow! )Hedda, Norway

  12. anon 5-why does it bother you SO much that i have a yogurt mess every morning? if it is working in my recovery and i am gaining then why does it matter?! i know i need to switch things up in my recovery but if something is working for me…then why fix it?!jenna

  13. anon 14-if i went over to my boyfriends house i would obviously not ask for a turkey sandwich, are you kidding me?!i would just eat what they were having! not that hard!Jenna

  14. em- my favorite nut butters are teddie's smooth pb, pb & co smooth operator, crazy richard's creamy pb, and pb & co DCD so far! but i have lotssss more to try :)Jenna

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