A pool of peanut butter

Hey y’all! I must thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday regarding my Monday! All of you bring a smile to my face and my Tuesday was much better today 🙂

I mean let’s be honest, nothing could start my day off any better than having a yogurt mess!
I had Vanilla Brown Cow yogurt, 1 cup Kashi Go Lean, a sliced banana, with Crazy Richard’s creamy peanut butter flowing on top with a glass of milk on the side.Can we just take a moment to look at that pool of peanut butter! Don’t ya just wanna go swimmin’ in it?! I kid I kid. Well, not really 😉All mixed together= deliciousness in a bowl!Mid-morning snack was a Vanilla Boost and a Kashi Trail Mix Bar. Since I don’t have a lot of time to go back to my room in between classes I bring my Boost with me and by the time I drink it mid-morning it is warm :/ Warm Boost=not so good. So to solve this lil problem I grab a cup of ice in the caf. I really liked the ice with the Boost and it was kind of like a yummy treat! Plus, it was also better because I didn’t have to drink the Boost out of the red bottle so now one knows I am drinking Boost but me!I had my ususal go to lunch at school, whole wheat wrap with turkey and swiss cheese, pretzels, an apple, and milk.

Now I finally figured out something. The afternoons here at school is when I have most of my down time. I have all of my classes in the morning and I am done everyday (except Mondays) by 1ish. So my afternoon is low key and I really don’t like it. I mean it is a good time to get my work down and just relax sometimes but I just can’t stand it. I need to be doing something! I am a busy body and I love to be doing stuff all the time to keep busy!

This wasn’t a problem before when I was at a somewhat healthy weight because I would go to the gym after my classes were done for the day then get some homework done and relax for a bit and then it would be time for dinner. So I was always doing something! But now that I can’t exercise I don’t know what to do with myself. But I do think this is a good motivation for me in recovery so when I do reach a healthy weight I will slowly be able to incorporate exercise back into my daily routine 🙂 I can’t wait for that day!

Some reasons why today was better than yesterday is because I found out today my friend Carly is coming up to school tomorrow to visit! I haven’t seen her in like 3 months (right before Christmas break) Also, because today is Tuesday, that means amazing t.v. shows are on…Can you say The Biggest Loser, American Idol, and Teen Mom! I think so. Oh yes, and Tuesday means it is one day closer to Hump Day!

Well I am off to get some work done on my English essays.

How was your Tuesday?!

21 thoughts on “A pool of peanut butter

  1. ah English essays. Am I a nerd to say I miss those? I loove that yogurt mess…im gonna start heatin up my PB, cuz it's so much better when its all runny (errr doesnt sound like it when I say it that way! lol)Glad you're having a better day!xo-Mollywww.givinganythingbutup.wordpress.com

  2. Glad your day was better! A bunch of mine was spent studying and I'm just taking a lil break at home (actually looking at study slides online) before going back to the library to study! Boo. It's okay though because tomorrow afternoon I'll be done with this final and only two left lol! http://www.justjac.wordpress.com

  3. I'm glad you are having a better day!I know that you're not supposed to exercise, but since the weather is getting nicer, what about a nice walk? That's always a great way to kill time and get some fresh air.

  4. Glad your day went better! I'm a busy body too so I totally understand not having anything to do. Find a buddy and go out and explore!And by the way, that PB looks so so good. I'm drooling!LC

  5. Just wondering Jenna, do you have any idea as to how much your nutritionist wants you to gain? My doctor still doesn't discuss numbers (amount gained and left to gain)with me. Keep on challenging yourself girl!!:)

  6. So glad your day was better girl!!!I can't exercise right now either (for different reasons) and it's driving me nuts. I've found things to occupy my time too like blogging, reading books, magazines, tv shows, cleaning, etc. just SOMETHING to get me doing something, ya know?My tuesday was fabulous, thank you!And the boost + ice idea – fab! It looks like iced coffee!

  7. I have to say, i'm totally the opposite of you. When i couldn't exercise, i didn't have open time at all! I was able to spend time with friends, study more, and just enjoy not feeling like i HAD to work out. try to embrace it. you really won't be able to work out for a while, so i sugest finding some other hobby/activity to enjoy!

  8. I agree whole heartedly with Shelley. When I couldn't work out, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders… I was able to put more energy towards family, friends and my passions. Perhaps this will be a healthy, eye opening experience for you– embrace it.sweet dreams ❤

  9. I think "your" desire to exercise again is ED speaking. Yes, exercise is great, but I'm concerned that you feel so restless without it. Stop focusing on the calories in/out and just give your body what it needs, girl!I thought you tried Kashi Blueberry Clusters recently?

  10. JW 6-no my nutritionist does not have a specific weight she wants me to be at. she, along with everyone else just wants me to continue to gain and reach a healthy weight.jenna

  11. anon 15- i don't understand why you have to post anonymous to ask this question?! just post with your own name, no shame for asking this simple quetions.my caf serves a great apread of food and i am so lucky to have such a great caf!but for dinners i usually try to have chicken/fish with some types of veggies, and some grains-usually rice, a roll, or potatoes.sometimes i will have spaghtetti and meatballs. and with all my meals i always have a glass of milk!Jenna

  12. anon 13- i did try kashi blueberry clusters on monday! they were yummy and had a great crunch to them! although i had the cereal with vanilla yogurt, it would have been even better with blueberry yog! Mmmm :)Jenna

  13. anon 9- i don't think i ever lied about not eating kashi go lean! i still eat it but i have also been venturing out and trying new cereals as well!Jenna

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