Prom Dress Shopping

Today was all about the PROM DRESS SHOPPING =) Well not for me, but for my sister! But let me review my eats for the day before we went shopping!
This morning I had one last yogurt mess before heading back to school. I had Plain Yoplait Greek yogurt, 1 cup Kashi Go Lean, a sliced banana, and PB & Co. DCD with a glass of milk.

This morning was great because I made my dad try DCD peanut butter. He first asked me if it was “that Nutella stuff” but I told him it was not and it is much better πŸ˜‰ He dug his spoon in the jar for a spoonful and he really liked it! Yeahhh dad.This morning I packed up my car to get ready to go back to school. After, my morning snack was a Vanilla Boost and Kashi Trail Mix Bar. Then I got ready for the day and me, my sister, and mom were off to the mall!

For lunch, we ate at no other awesome place then The Cheesecake Factory! This was definitely a challenge for me as I was very nervous and anxious because the portions are very large and are known to have lots of calories!!

So to calm myself down I looked on-line this morning at the menu to get an idea of what I was going to order and to make sure it would fit into my meal plan, and this really helped. Since the menu is soooo BIG (ya know what I mean?) and there were a few meals I was debating about, but in the end I went with the Chinese Chicken Salad!
My sister ordered the Luau Salad (below) and my mom ordered The Club Sandwich (no pic!) After our delicious lunch we headed off to the Prom Dress Store! I think I was more excited to shop with my sister for her dress than I did when I shopped for my own πŸ™‚ We went to the same store I got my Junior Prom Dress at because the store is simply amazing and filled with dresses!

My sister actually had a dress on lay away (aka ON HOLD) and she wanted to try on the dress for me before she bought it today. But…my mom ended up finding a similar dress with that looked absolutely stunning on her, so she ended up getting the new one she found today! She was almost positive she was gonna go home with the dress she had on hold, but after trying on the other dress she changed her mind! I am glad she tried on the new dress. Ya never know til ya try, right?!
My sister is probs gonna kill me for putting these pics up for her but I couldn’t help it because she is gorgeous in both these dresses πŸ˜‰I am not going to tell you which dress she choose until tomorrow!

Well I really need to peace out and study because this girl has a Nursing Midterm tomorrow at 8am sharp!


27 thoughts on “Prom Dress Shopping

  1. awwwwwwwwwww ypur sister is so pretty !!!!! U both are beautiful girls!!!!Love the dresses, geez would be hard to choose, excited to see which one she got!!!Yay for your dad loving the DCD PB!!!!Oh my gosh, I always get that chinese chix salad at cheesecake!! Love it!!!

  2. Oh Jenna, THOSE ARE BOTH REALLY PRETTY DRESSES! I hope she went with the red one.. the color is very nice on her. yum, Cheesecake Factory- I have not been there in years! I remember how out of control big the servings are. I always do look at menus before going places mainly because I want to know if they have anything vegetarian friendly that is not just an appetizer plate or salad. It also does relax me a little (alot).

  3. That looked so good! Great to challenge yourself, I am going to challenge myself with a burger at Hard Rock Cafe today, haha! I actually love them a lot if I try to ignore my eating disorder.And your little sister = gorgeous πŸ™‚ Hope she will enjoy her prom!It would be great if you posted some pictures of yurself as well, so you could fight back the criticism that has come from some people here.Enjoy International Womens Day ;DHedda

  4. anon- why do you have to sign "anonymous'?i mean you are asking a really basic question, you shouldn't feel like you have to sign anon.and yes i actually bought kashi honey sunshine the other day and today for breaky i had kashi blueberry clusters.

  5. EVERYTHING about this post is gorgeous!! your love for your lil sis, your delicious salad, your sis in her dresses!!! ahhh love it! I hope you had a safe journey back to school! ROCK that midterm today girlie! xoxo!

  6. ooh i love both of those dresses, but i think the red it my fave.snaps for cheesecake factory! i love it now, but it can def be overwhelming! ps random fact of the day: did you know the cheesecake factory interior is designed to look like the inside of the womb? random and weird, but true. sorry hope that didnt gross you out!

  7. i always get that same salad when i go to the cheesecake factory too! i never understand that giant pile of white things tho since they taste like NOTHING. so i ask for them to be left since the rest of the salad is perfection in a bowl πŸ™‚

  8. You are only kidding yourself Jenna. Stop eating diet foods. Eat something with REAL calories in it and maube you'll put on some weight. Oh wait, you don't want to gain weight, I forgot, sorry.Rachel

  9. hi jenna! love your blog! question- how do you rate boost on the morning beverage/breakfast scale? i see you drink it often. i'm a "not enough time for breakfast" type of person but i know how important it is. i figured you were the best person to ask about this! πŸ™‚

  10. anon 16- why do you care so much if i have kashi go lean?! and yes i did try new cereals this week-kashi blueberry clusters and kashi heart to heart! i have been eating kashi go lean and it has been working in my recovery so my motto is if something is working then why switch it up?!Jenna

  11. quisha- i drink boost as a snack along with a granola bar usually. in my case i would never just drink a boost for breakfast, it is definitely NOT enough cals and nutrients i need!i just drink the regular boosts, but they do have other types of boost that are meal replacements which have more calories and can be subsituted for a meal. but i wouldn't suggest just having a boost for breaky. but i do suggest having a boost along with something else for more calories!but i loveee boost flavors, they are great!choc, vanilla, butter pecan, and strawberry. Mmmm!hope that helps!jenna

  12. anon 22- why do you think all i eat is diet food and that i don't gain weight?!because the truth is i do not just eat diet food, and for your information i have been gaining constantly for the past four weeks, so what i have been eating seems to be working! that's how much you DON'T know!Jenna

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