A quick recap

Happy TGIF 🙂 Hope ya had a great week and are excited for the weekend!

I am at a family party now so I will leave you with a quick recap of today’s eats and be back tomorrow 🙂

Breakfast yogurt mess

Morning snack


Afternoon Snack


Well now I gotta peace out and get back to the partayyy.

Tomorrow I really want to challenge myself with my eating. I feel I have been doing very well in my recovery lately and I am very strong right now. I have the ambition and I know I can do it!

31 thoughts on “A quick recap

  1. mmm I LOVE pure picture post. Pictures are where it is at sometimes. Hope you are enjoying the company of your family and having a great relaxing time at the party girl.

  2. You are eating GOOD 😀 Wow, feeling so proud of you- and also inspired to work with myself and my own eating.Hope you had a great time at the party :)Hedda

  3. I find it very hard to believe that is your plate of food Jenna. Two meatballs? I don't think so. Sorry, I think you need to be honest in your blog. I find it quite offensive to be duped like this. Please, if you can't be honest with us, just be honest with yourself.

  4. lindsay- i thought the pure protein bar was just okay! it was very CHEWY! haha. my sister asked me if i was chewing gum-haha!it defs tasted like a nougat candy bar though :)Jenna

  5. anon- why do you find it hard to believe i had TWO meatballs last night?! i really want to hear back from you.i am being very honest on my blog!!!i ate every single bite on that plate last night :)Jenna

  6. Hi Jenna,I really mean this in the nicest way possible, but have you taken anything I told you about kashi go lean into consideration? I really think if you switch up your cereal, you will find even BETTER results in your recovery. Just let me know if I am a lost cause or if you will listen to me. Thanks!Jenna

  7. Hate posting as Anon but my name is Erin and I don't have a blog :)Great Job last night! I like that you're challenging yourself with your eating today. How about pizza, white bread, a brownie, ice cream cone, macaronni and cheese…? Think of a treat you LOVED when you were 10 years old and didn't even know what a calorie or fat gram was. It's the end of your break- celebrate with something delicious and kick ED goodbye!

  8. anon- thanks for your concern on my cereal i use. i really really want to try a new cereal but i just don't know which one to try!what would you suggest?!Jenna

  9. I'm tellin ya girl…try some granola with your yogurt mess. SO good! :)Glad to see those "fear foods" (pasta, meatballs) on that plate – that's awesome. Keep it up. You KNOW it's good stuff! Love ya!

  10. Hi Jenna,Thanks for responding. If you like Kashi, I recommend their granola or shredded wheat. Really any brand of shredded wheat and granola are amazing. They would taste awesome in yogurt messes too! You should really try a granola!!! There are so many cereals out there! Just try to mix it up! 🙂

  11. JENNA EVERYONE HAS GIVEN YOU SUGGESTIONS. STOP USING THAT EXCUSE AS A COP OUT. kashi honey sunshine, kashi shredded wheat varieties, puffins, HELL ANYTHING. this is why NO ONE BELIEVES YOU when you post your eats because you give BS responses to other things. im not sorry that this is harsh you NEED a reality check im just hoping one of these days you get it.

  12. To the people who post as anon but post their names because you don't have blogs/websites-you can post w/ your name in above where it says "anon" you don't need a link. Seems to be a new "trend" I've only seen on this blog.

  13. Ok, wait-Anon 15 signed her name…Jenna? Jenna, tell me this isn't you. I'm really upset. You have to post something and be upfront w/ those of us who are really trying to support you-on your blog, in your life. I'm not signing my name because I'm really upset and I don't…ugh. Seriously?

  14. JUST TO CLARIFY THIS TO ALL YOU ANON COMMENTORS…that was NOT me who left the anon comment #15-there are other girls who are named Jenna besides me!-Jenna from Jenna's Journey

  15. To all you people who don't have a blog- you don't have to be anonymous, you can just post your name which will make it better- look at comment #22 from Julie- thanks Julie :)Jenna from Jenna's Journey

  16. Hi Jenna, I'm a reader from Singapore (have you heard of it? =D). I've been reading a lot of katheats, healthytippingpoint,C & C and Graduate meghann.I chanced upon ur blog one day while reading one of those blogs mentioned and has been following since then. =D So you just got yourself a loyal overseas reader! Anyway, I just wanna tell you, you're doing incredibly well! I'm so upset by the fact that all those anons out there are so harsh with their words and making you sad. But no worries! You know there are still a bunch of peeps out there supporting you. So, you GO GIRL!cheersSam

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