A new…

Hey everyone 🙂

I must say today was a successful day because I got a new…THERAPIST! I just wanted to let you all know! I met with her for the first time for a lil meet and greet and I really think we hit it off and connected. She already talked about what she wants to work on with me, which I was happy to hear. This was all stuff my old therapist did not do! She also told me she is very excited to work with me!!

Breaky this morning was a yog mess.
First I mixed Plain
Chobani and 1 cup of Kashi Go Lean together.Then topped it off with a sliced banana and PB & Co. DCD. Although my morning started off a lil rocky because my dad was still kind of mad about the new car my mom bought! So a lil parental fighting occured before he left for work.
My morning snack I had a Vanilla Boost and a Nature’s Path Berry Strawberry Chewy Granola Bar!I really enjoyed this bar and it definitely lives up to its name of a CHEWY granola bar! It has the perfect amount of strawberries to it and has the perfect amount of creamy yogurt on the top!

Then I ran some errands at Target for my mom like a good lil girl and came home for some lunch. I had one of my all time favorite sandwich combinations!

I had turkey, american cheese, and apple on whole wheat bread with pretzels, the rest of the apple, and a glass of milk. Mmmm! I love this combo 🙂I snacked on this Clif Bar right before my appointment with my therapist.

Dinner was on the late side but good! Mom cooked up a whole white chicken. I had a nice sized portion of chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato fries with milk.

Well I am currently watching American Idol with my lil sis and dad while listening to my dad complain at how torturous it is 😉 Ohhh dad! And of course I will be having a Boost later on tonight as well. Don’t worry I still have my evening snack 🙂

Are you a fan of American Idol?!

Personally, I think it is getting kinda old since it is on it’s ninth season but I still watch it anyways!


19 thoughts on “A new…

  1. Mmmm apple goes so well with savory. I dont eat meat but I love apple+cheddar together, and I bet turkey makes it awesome for ya! I'm eating a sweet potater with dinner right now – I should try fries.As for American Idol, honestly, I've never watched it! I saw one episode, years ago, second season, when Ruben Studdard won, but other than that..never watched. But I do love me some Kelly Clarkson!

  2. So excited that you found a therapist that you like and connect with!! Yayyy!! 🙂 I used to watch AI, but I haven't in so long…if I do watch it'll be the auditions at the beginning (hilarious) and the amazing people at the finals. 🙂

  3. um…are we soulmates?! I was honestly, just in my head, thinking about I need to talk to someone. A therapist that is. I just have too many intense thoughts goin through my head sometimes. Please please let me know how it goes! I pray I find someone I click with, you are so lucky to have found one on your first shot!Sending postive vibes your way girly!xo-Mollywww.givinganythingbutup.wordpress.com

  4. yay so happy you and the new therapist connected! That will be so nice and maybe make your trips less stressful? Hate parenting fighting 😦

  5. I am really glad that you found a NEW therapist, but remember that no matter who the therapist is, it is your responsibility to remain accountable and it looks like you are doing a great job at that!! I wish you the best with your continued road to recovery!! Also, when are we going to see the new car??

  6. I would watch it if it didn't come on the same night as The Biggest Loser. Although I do agree that the few times I have watched it, it has gotten kind of old. But I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance…which is the same show but dancing not singing. Funny how I love one and am just meh about the other.

  7. i have never watched american idol! i think i might be the only one… oops. i do watch the auditions sometimes, though. hilarious!glad you and your new therapist connected- that's the toughest and most important part.

  8. I used to be a really big AI fan..especially the past few seasons but this year I am just not into it at all! Not sure why, I thought Ellen would make me even more interested but nope!

  9. I'm glad the new therapist is working well lady!Not so much a fan of American Idol, I'm more about the E! variety of reality shows haha!Have a good weekend 🙂

  10. that granola bar looks awesome! i will have to add it to my grocery list :)have you tried the maple nut clif bar? its love.Im not a huge AI fan….it's the same old stuff (to me at least) but i like that ellen is a judge. she cracks me up!

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